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Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh's career had a slow start. The accomplished guitarist/singer fronted a couple OK bands (James Gang and Barnstorm) and had a respectable solo career but found his greatest success as a member of the already well-established Eagles.

Many Rock musicians have a sense of humor but Walsh was one of the few to who wore it on his sleeve. "Life's Been Good So Far" from "But Seriously Folks" is a prime example. Had he done nothing else, the tongue-in-cheek song about Rock excesses, would have assured he wouldn't be forgotten. Of course, had he done nothing else, he never would have written the song.

Leaving the James Gang in '71, Walsh formed Barnstorm. Finding only marginal success, that unit's days were numbered. Walsh was soon on his own as a footloose Rocker. Maybe a little too footloose for his own good.

While his albums were inconsistent, Walsh could produce infectious Rockers like "Rocky Mountain Way," which appeared on "The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get."

Walsh joined the Eagles just before their biggest commercial success, "Hotel California," and no doubt made significant contributions to that album and "The Long Run."

Eagles tours, James Gang revivals, stints in his brother-in-law's band - Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band (Walsh and Starr are married to sisters) and his solo career, kept Walsh busy.

In '12, he issued his 10th solo album, "Analog Man."

Joe Walsh Discography

Solo Albums:

1974 So What
1976 You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind
1978 But Seriously Folks
1981 There Goes The Neighborhood
1983 You Bought It - You Name It
1985 The Confessor
1987 Got Any Gum?
1991 Ordinary Average Guy
1992 Songs For A Dying Planet
2012 Analog Man

James Gang Albums (with Walsh):

1969 Yer' Album
1970 James Gang Rides Again
1971 Thirds
1971 James Gang Live in Concert

Barnstorm Albums:

1972 Barnstorm
1973 The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

Eagles Albums (with Walsh):

1976 Hotel California
1979 The Long Run
1980 Eagles Live
1994 Hell Freezes Over
2007 Long Road Out Of Eden

"The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get" and "But Seriously Folks" illustrate Joe Walsh's humor laden Hard Rock style. However, the best way to hear the full force of his lengthy career is with the double album "Look What I Did," which includes his James Gang, Barnstorm and solo work. The single album "Little Did He Know" covers the same ground more concisely.

About all that can be said regarding Walsh's post-Eagles solo career is that it kept him off the streets.

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