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Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne

If there ever was a poster boy for the singer-songwriter movement, it was Jackson Browne. Starting in the mid-60s, Browne, born in Germany, the son of Army parents, contributed songs to various Folk and Country/Rock acts including the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Tom Rush. Unable to get his recording career rolling Browne took up residence in L.A.'s Echo Park sharing a house with future Eagle Glen Frey. The Eagles connection would pay off for both parties. Browne and Frey co-wrote "Take It Easy" (one of the Eagles' better songs). "James Dean," a brilliant song using the fallen '50s icon as a touchstone, had Browne as a co-writer. It too was recorded by the Eagles and stands as a high water mark for everyone involved.

Finally, Browne was signed to Asylum Records in '71 and over the next six years produced "Jackson Browne," with the "Saturate Before Using" cover, "For Everyman," and "The Pretender." During this period he created literate, passionate and moving Rock. Highlights included "Rock Me On The Water," "Ready or Not" (which is great despite awful production) and "Here Come Those Tears Again."

At their worst live recordings are either a bland re-hashing of studio work or they expose a band's weakness. At their best they re-define an artist. "Running On Empty" did the latter for Browne. From the crowd noise opening of the title track (one of the best "looking-back" songs ever written), to the closing "Load Out/Stay" (with vocals on the latter by multi-instrumentalist David Lindley), the album, which was recorded in concert, on the tour bus and backstage, showed a depth uncommon in Rock.

Browne continued well into the '80s, recording hits "Tender Is The Night," "For A Rocker" and "Somebody's Baby" (his biggest U.S. record) for the "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" soundtrack. He also appeared at benefit concerts for No Nukes and Amnesty International.

If the late 80's and '90s were a relative dead spot, things picked up considerably after the turn of the century. Rolling Stone magazine listed "For Everyman," "Late For The Sky," and "The Pretender" among the 500 best albums of all time.

The following year, '04, Browne was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bruce Springsteen handled the honors. Noting that the Eagles got in the Hall first, Springsteen added, "You [Browne] wrote the songs they wished they had written."

Always interested in politics Browne was part of's "Vote for Change" in '04 and backed John Kerry for president (Browne had supported Ralph Nader in '00, so the less said about that the better). In '08, Browne endorsed John Edwards, who lost the nomination to Barrack Obama before admitting that he had cheated on his wife. While Browne had a solid record for backing losers he did a little better as part of the No Nukes movement. In '07, he participated in the organization's recording an updated version of the Buffalo Springfield chestnut, "For What It's Worth."

During the '08 election several performers complained that Republican candidates were using their songs in campaign commercials and at rallies without authorization. The issue even split bands. Van Halen's Eddie Van Halen objected to the use of one of the group's songs but ex-bandmate Sammy Hagar was OK with it. After his classic "Running On Empty" appeared in an Internet video promoting Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign nobody was more in front of the issue than Browne. He went to court charging that McCain and fellow Republicans had used the tune without authorization and that its usage falsely implied that Browne endorsed the candidate.

Long after the election was over (July '09) there was a settlement. McCain and the other defendants issued an apology. However, the financial terms were kept confidential.

Beyond of politics Browne issued "Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1" in '05 and "Solo Acoustic, Vol. 2 in '08. Both of these albums were exactly what the titles implied. However, later in '08 he issued "Time The Conqueror." "I missed my band a lot," explained Browne. "Getting to make an album where you're rehearsed and you have production . . . is a real pleasure for me." It was the singer-songwriter's first album of new material since '02's "The Naked Ride Home."

If the "Running On Empty" era was seen as a high water mark, then credit has to go in part to multi-instrumentalist David Lindley. So a Browne-Lindley reunion acoustic show in Spain, with contributions by Spanish performers, was highly anticipated. Especially since it focused on Browne's early to mid-70s catalog. For some reason though, the '06 concert wasn't released until four years later as "Love Is Strange."

It was another four-year stretch before Browne's next album, a studio effort, "Standing In The Breach."

Jackson Browne Discography


1972 Jackson Browne
1973 For Everyman
1974 Late For The Sky
1976 The Pretender
1977 Running On Empty
1980 Hold Out
1983 Lawyers In Love
1986 Lives In The Balance
1989 World In Motion
1993 I'm Alive
1996 Looking East
2002 The Naked Ride Home
2008 Time The Conqueror
2010 Love Is Strange (live)
2014 Standing In The Breach

When Jackson Browne first came to the public's attention he looked like a fresh-faced college student who'd just aced his Psych test and got a B+ in Poly-Sci and was ready to enlighten the world.

As a result, he tends to take himself a bit too seriously. That has caused his albums to often be preachy or self-indulgent. Get by or skip that material and go directly to the root of Browne's appeal. His calling card is a wry, mournful voice articulating life's challenges. A piano accompanied by acoustic and electric guitars provide texture while a tight, driving rhythm put his songs over.

'72 release "Jackson Browne" containing "Doctor My Eyes" (a pop hit played into the ground) and "Rock Me On The Water" is a great album and a good place to start. "For Everyman" has "Take It Easy" (the original version of the Eagles' hit) and "Ready Or Not" (Browne's best humorous song). "The Pretender," released in '76, features "Here Come Those Tears Again" (Browne's 2nd best song). "Running On Empty" rumbles along like a tour bus on a dark, winding back road. The title track (Browne's best song) and "You Love The Thunder" are exquisite. '83 release "Lawyers In Love" has the title track, the touching "Tender Is The Night" and "For A Rocker." It stands as Browne's best '80s effort.

A way to cover all this ground and more is "The Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Browne."

'04 release "The Very Best Of Jackson Browne" is a two CD set. The first CD is a magnificent collection of Browne's premier material. The second disc, opening with "Running On Empty," keeps things rolling. But mid-way through, as the focus shifts to more current material, it falters. Still, any two CD set with over twenty classic songs is certainly worth owning.


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