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Iceage is a Punk Rock band from Copenhagen. Together since '08, they became a mainstay in the city's underground Punk scene.

The group recorded their debut album, "New Brigade," in four days. "We decided to put out a record of what we were already doing," said guitarist Johan Surrballe Wieth.

The '11 release, on the Dias imprint in the U.S., was notable for having 12 tracks that clocked in at a total of 24 minutes.

"New Brigade" made a strong impression. As a result, the group's '13 sophomore set, "You're Nothing" was issued by Matador, the legendary indie label.

"We're more open to trying things out, and moving even further from being a Punk band," Wieth told Rolling Stone.

That was evident in Iceage's third studio album, "Plowing Into The Field Of Love." Temptations of the flesh, and all that comes with it, had entered the group's vernacular.

Iceage Discography


2011 New Brigade
2013 You're Nothing
2014 Plowing Into The Field Of Love

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