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Humble Pie

Humble Pie

Guitarist, singer, songwriter Steve Marriott bailed from the Small Faces - time for a change. He teamed with ex-Herd guitarist Peter Frampton to start Humble Pie. This hard Rockin' outfit also had drummer Jerry Shirley and bassist Greg Ridley (formerly of Spooky Tooth).

It was Marriott's sledgehammer Rock approach vs. Frampton's lightweight pop/Rock confections (which he took to the bank in the mid-70s). The first two albums, both released in '69, "As Safe As Yesterday Is" (with "Natural Born Boogie," a major UK hit) and " Town And Country" built the group's fan base. The next album, "Humble Pie," was weak but the group returned to form with "Rock On." From this period, the single "I Don't Need No Doctor" came out. It didn't do much on the charts but it became one of the group's core songs.

Next up was "Performance - Rockin' The Fillmore"('71) featuring a scorching version of "I Don't Need No Doctor" and "Stone Cold Fever." But stylistic and personal tensions with Marriott caused Frampton to depart and begin his long journey toward "meteoric" success. David Clempson was added on guitar.

The change must have taken hold because "Smokin'," ('72) displayed the group at its peak with "Hot 'n' Nasty" and the classic "30 Days In The Hole."

The next three albums, "Eat It," "Thunderbox" and "Street Rats" failed to generate much excitement. The group disbanded in the mid-70s but tried an ill-advised comeback a few years later.

Marriott worked on solo comeback projects but never quite pulled it off. A house fire claimed his life in '91.

Humble Pie Discography


1969 As Safe as Yesterday Is
1969 Town And Country
1970 Humble Pie
1971 Rock On
1972 Smokin'
1973 Eat It
1974 Thunderbox
1975 Street Rats
1980 On To Victory
1981 Go For The Throat
2002 Back On Track

Humble Pie Rocks live. That makes "Performance - Rockin' The Fillmore" and "King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Humble Pie" obvious choices. Of their studio albums, mid-career sets "Smokin'" and "Rock On," offer the most. "Hot 'n' Nasty: The Anthology" shows the group's scope but the Boogie-Blues numbers (especially the title track and "I Don't Need No Doctor") are the real winners.

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