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There is a saying that no good deed goes unpunished. If that's true, Toby Morse, frontman for the Punk band H20, is headed for a major stomping. He started the One Life One Chance organization which reaches out to "inform elementary and secondary students about cool alternatives to alcohol and drugs and having a positive mental attitude."

Morse made countless motivational presentations at schools around the country. And in '10, Travis Barker, the drummer who survived Blink-182, two divorces, countless tattoos and a plane crash, announced he had teamed with the organization. "It's good that these kids can see that not every Rock star is a drug addict and he (Morse) is such a positive, all-around role model for them."

Fifteen years earlier, Morse, a one-time roadie (for Sick Of It All) started H20 in New York with guitarist Rusty Pistachio. To support their self-titled debut a year later, the band opened for Rancid in NY, No Doubt, also in NY, and did a stint at CBGBs before landing an opening slot on Social Distortion's tour.

"Thicker Than Water" dropped in late '97 and led to another round of touring including a trek with Sick Of It All.

'99 saw the release of "F.T.T.W." (which contained the song "One Life, One Chance"). H20 hit the Warped Tour and opened for NOFX.

Moving from the indie Epitaph imprint, the band signed with MCA for '01's "Go." Still an opening act, H20 did cross the U.S. and Canada with Box Car Racer, which had Blink-182's Barker and Tom DeLonge. But aside from the '02 EP "All We Want," all that ultimately resulted was the band taking an extended hiatus which was broken by an '05 European tour (with the Hardcore band Madball), followed by a U.S. trek. It wasn't until '08 that H20 put out "Nothing To Prove," their first full-length effort in seven years.

The group celebrated their 15th anniversary in '10 with a world tour but on the South American leg Madball guitarist Mitts replaced Todd Morse (Toby's brother).

H20 Discography

H20 Discography

Full-Length Albums
1996 H2O
1997 Thicker Than Water
1999 F.T.T.W.
2001 Go
2008 Nothing to Prove

2000 This Is The East Coast...! Not LA ! (split with Dropkick Murphys)
2000 Live EP (H2O)
2002 All We Want

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