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Green Day

Green Day

It's all relative. Some groups sell two million CDs and have arrived. But when Green Day's "Insomniac" peaked at the two-million mark, it was seen as a disappointment. That's because its predecessor "Dookie" sold over eight million copies. There wasn't all that much difference between the two albums except "Dookie" had more successful singles. Green Day's Punk, Metal and Ska mixture was intact.

Life's tough. Bassist Mike Dirnt's mom was a heroin addict. Dirnt lived with foster parents but they divorced when Dirnt was seven. He went back to live with his mom until he moved in with guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong's family. Armstrong's dad had died when Billie Joe was ten. The two became close friends starting their first band when they were fourteen.

In '89, drummer Al Sobrante was added and Green Day became the band's name. They also got a deal with Lookout Records who released Green Day's first three efforts: EP "1,000 Hours," the full length "39/Smooth," with John Kiftmeyer replacing Sobrante, and "Kerplunk," with Tre Cool (Frank Wright III) on drums. These recordings built a solid Punk following that attracted major label attention. Signed by Reprise, "Dookie" won heavy MTV support and Green Day found themselves with an out of the box hit, "Longview." "When I Come Around" had a friendly pop-Punk sound that ruled the Modern Rock charts. As the fourth single it benefited from the group's extensive touring through the summer of '94. Green Day was also one of the highlights of Woodstock '94.

"Insomniac" rolled out a year later. Maybe they should have taken some more time off. While it had "J.A.R." the album just didn't have "Dookie's" impact. Claiming exhaustion (see, they should have taken more time off) Green Day cut short a European tour and returned home. Then they wrote and recorded "Nimrod." It contained the masterpiece "Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)."

Around this time, Dirnt got into it with Third Eye Blind's Arion Salazar backstage at an Irvine Meadows, CA, concert. However, it still remains unclear just who hit Dirnt with a beer bottle fracturing his skull.

Following the highly lauded "American Idiot" the time was ripe to show Green Day live. Already well-known for energetic performances, the group's "Bullet In A Bible" DVD delivered the goods. Green Day, and especially Armstrong, demonstrated an intimate understanding of stadium Rock and how to put on a memorable show. The '05 DVD chronicled a pair of London shows before adoring fans.

Green Day won praise and got slammed all within a couple of weeks in the fall of '06. First, they performed during the pre-game show on ESPN's Monday Night Football to celebrate the reopening of the Louisiana Superdome (nearly destroyed during Hurricane Katrina) in New Orleans. They played a live version of their recently recorded hurricane charity single, a cover of Scottish Punk band, the Skids, "The Saints Are Coming." The two bands also performed U2's "Beautiful Day," and "Wake Me Up When September Ends." Footage was sold online to benefit Music Rising, an organization co-founded by U2's the Edge that replaced musical instruments lost in '05's Gulf Coast storms.

Not to let the good feelings last too long, the Killers frontman Brandon Flowers weighed in criticizing Green Day for choosing to film their DVD Bullet In A Bible in the United Kingdom. Flowers insisted that seeing "a bunch of (English) kids screaming, 'I don't want to be an American idiot' . . . really lit a fire" in him. He was right of course, there are plenty of people in the U.S. who don't want to be American idiots either.

Green Day had kept their Punk ethos intact. But some cantankerous nitpickers argued that "American Idiot's" mainstream appeal was due more to the ballads "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends" than the far more potent title track, "Jesus Of Suburbia" or "Holiday" (one of the greatest songs of the decade). But any suggestion Green Day sold out might generate a menacing stare from Trey Cool. Not cool.

On a non-musical note, Converse unveiled an official signature athletic shoe in Armstrong's honor. Since Converse sneakers were part of Green Day's 'look' from inception, the '08 move was so logical that it was surprising that it didn't happen sooner. A portion of the proceeds from the black, red and white sneaker sales went toward the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. The sneaker was part of the footwear company's 1Hund(Red) line, which was affiliated with U2 singer Bono's Product Red charity campaign.

Following a spin as the Foxboro Hot Tubs and a return of the Armstrong fronted Pinhead Gunpowder, everyone was ready to get back to the business of Green Day. "American Idiot's" urgency had dissipated - due more to the merciful end of the Bush era than anything else. The group faced the near insurmountable challenge of following a mega-hit. Fortunately for them, they had some prior experience with "Dookie."

Butch Vig produced "21st Century Breakdown," the band's '09 follow-up to "American Idiot." Aside from his success with Garbage, Vig produced Nirvana's landmark "Nevermind" and the Smashing Pumpkin's brilliant "Siamese Dreams."

Prior to the set's release, Armstrong revealed that Green Day nearly had a collective breakdown. "This is the album that could have killed us," admitted the frontman. "We had set the bar so high with 'American Idiot.' We all became sick as dogs."

A flurry of activity surrounded the release of "21st Century Breakdown," a three-act Rock opera built around the characters Christian and Gloria.

A 90-second snippet of "Know Your Enemy," the first single off the album, opened CBS' telecast of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship Game.

On a little more familiar turf the following evening, Green Day performed the album in its entirety at a 500-capacity club in San Francisco - the trio was augmented by two guitarists and a keyboardist at the surprise show - the first of a handful.

A couple weeks later "Know Your Enemy" went to radio. Rolling Stone described the track as "a straight-ahead Rock song with a chanty 'oh-way-oh-way' refrain." Then the song's video premiered on MTV, VH1 and all other worldwide MTV Networks platforms.

Usually, albums are released on Tuesdays, but "21st Century Breakdown" landed on a Friday (May 15th) - to cut through the clutter (like that was necessary). The band appeared at a New York Best Buy store to sign copies for the first 500 fans who purchased the album.

The promo push didn't let up. First, there was an intimate (an audience of about 300) MySpace Music concert in New York. Green Day kicked-off the summer concert series on ABC's Good Morning America with a live performance from New York's Central Park. Stops on Letterman and other shows raised the band's mainstream profile.

Admittedly, this attention was initially due to the landmark success of "American Idiot" but fortunately "21st Century Breakdown" had the ability of equaling, if not surpassing, "American Idiot."

The set made its debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart after moving 215,000 copies in only three days. It was the group's second chart topper. "Idiot" was the first.

Green Day received nominations in the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. They were up for Choice Music: Rock Group and Choice Music: Rock Track ("Know Your Enemy"). But Paramore took both categories - their Rock Track was "Decode." Can't win 'em all.

The next bit of Green Day news came out of their hometown. The Berkeley Repertory Theatre's '09 production of American Idiot, the musical based on Green Day's '04 album, made its premiere. Directed by the Tony Award-winning Michael Mayer (Spring Awakening), the score included all the songs from "American Idiot" and some from "21st Century Breakdown." "We've seen firsthand what amazing actors they are," said Armstrong of the cast. "Their talent has truly brought the album to life." American Idiot had a five-week run.

A version of "21 Guns," with Green Day and the cast from Idiot, was recorded in an Oakland studio just days after the musical's final performance in November. "They sung the hell out of it," said Armstrong. "It's great to have something out there for people to hear who didn't get to see the show." A few months later, Green Day and cast performed "21 Guns" at the '10 Grammys in L.A. To top off the evening, "21st Century Breakdown" landed the Best Rock Album award.

American Idiot made its Broadway debut (previews began in March, '10, with the official opening on April 20th) and launched a successful run with Armstrong occasionally playing the St. Jimmy character.

Awards and Broadway success is nice but getting your own video game is a big deal. Harmonix and MTV Games unfurled Green Day: Rock Band video game in June, '10. "We want people to fire this up, choose their favorite Green Day tracks, and play along with us as Rock Band avatars so they can feel what it's like to perform onstage as Green Day," said Armstrong.

Speaking of Green Day onstage, the band issued their ninth LP, "Awesome as F***" in '11. The two-disc set (either CD and DVD or CD and Blu-ray) included live performances from the band's '09-'10 world tour with portions filmed in Japan. It was their first live release since '05's "Bullet In A Bible."

Following two studio concept albums ("American Idiot"/"21st Century Breakdown") Green Day stated they were ready to try something different - maybe an album that was just a collection of songs? Like in the "Dookie" days? Nope. In '12 the group announced they were working with long time producer Rob Cavallo in Oakland on a trilogy titled: "Uno!," "Dos!," and "Tre!"

"We are at the most prolific and creative time in our lives. This is the best music we've ever written, and the songs just keep coming," stated a press release. "Every song has the power and energy that represents Green Day on all emotional levels. We just can't help ourselves... We are going epic as f***!"

Unfortunately, Green Day ground to a halt when Armstrong had an on stage meltdown in Las Vegas at the iHeartRadio Festival. During the September 21st show, producers notified Green Day - via teleprompter - that they had one minute left on stage causing the group to abruptly stop playing as Armstrong called out the show's producers, flipped them off and smashed his guitar before storming off stage.

"We would like to apologize to those we offended at the iHeartRadio Festival," read a band post shortly after the show.

Two days later, Armstrong entered rehab for substance abuse. In October, with their frontman still in rehab, Green Day announced that they had canceled all dates for '12 and postponed early '13 shows. "Obviously, the timing for this isn't ideal, but Billie Joe's well-being is our main concern," wrote Dirnt in a statement.

Releasing three albums in 78 days is always a dicey proposition. Sideline the tour support and not much is going to happen.

"Uno!" sold 139,000 copies in its debut week, and over the next three months it moved a total of 256,000 units. By comparison, "21st Century Breakdown" sold 215,000 units its first week. It didn't get any better for "Dos!" or "Tre!," selling 69,000 copies and 58,000 copies, respectively, in their debut weeks.

Things had devolved to the point where even when Green Day won, they lost. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled in the band's favor regarding their use of illustrator Dereck Seltzer's "Scream Icon," in the '09 video "East Jesus Nowhere." Circuit Judge Diarmuid O' Scannlain called it a ""close and difficult case." Despite the '13 ruling, Green Day still got stuck with over $200,000 in legal fees.

Then, in an unexpected move, Armstrong teamed with singer Norah Jones on the album "Foreverly." It's hard to imagine any circumstance that would put Armstrong and Jones in the same room, much less record together. Or that the songs chosen would be covers from a '58 Everly Brothers album, "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us." But there you go.

Many bands, who become eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (25 years after their debut release), have to wait years before they are finally inducted. But not Green Day. They got the votes in '15, their first year of eligibility. Some wondered aloud whether Green Day was worthy of such quick inclusion (the answer's 'yes') when others had been passed over repeatedly before finally making the cut. That discussion evaporated quickly.

Following unusually gracious and often witty acceptance speeches (especially Dirnt thanking the Ford Motor Company for the Econoline van, "the best damn van any smelly touring band could have"), they ripped into "American Idiot," "When I Come Around" and "Basket Case."

Another milestone of sorts came a month later when Green Day returned to 924 Gilman Street, a favored early venue, for a special benefit concert to help raise money for victims of a building fire in Oakland that affected two local, independent publishing houses. It was the band's first appearance at the non-profit in 21 years - they'd been banned for signing a major label deal.

Having survived accolades (they can be lethal), controversy and a commercial setback, Green Day's "Revolution Radio," their twelfth studio album, arrived. The '16 set was the group's first since "21st Century Breakdown" to be recorded as a trio after guitarist Jason White returned to being a touring member earlier in the year.

Armstrong said the album reflected "the culture of mass shooting that happens in America mixed with narcissistic social media." It was meant to reflect the current state of violence in the U.S. "Bang, Bang" was the lead single.

In a career that saw Green Day vault from savior to sell-out and back again, it was good to know they appealed to a higher power. "Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band" dropped from the heavens in '17. The compilation spanned '91 - '16. Sadly, God had no comment.

Green Day Discography

Green Day Discography

1990 39/Smooth
1992 Kerplunk
1994 Dookie
1995 Insomniac
1997 Nimrod
2000 Warning
2004 American Idiot
2009 21st Century Breakdown
2011 Awesome as F***
2012 Uno!
2012 Dos!
2012 Tre!
2016 Revolution Radio
2017 Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band

The third time's the charm. After two good, if unexceptional, albums, Green Day nail it with "Dookie." It has the undeniable "Longview," "Basket Case" and "When I Come Around."

There have been a number of bands that have a "Dookie-like" payday. They often spend the remainder of their career recycling. Not Green Day. "American Idiot" (the title says it all) has none of that Post-Punk cheap shot stuff.

Pushing back against George Bush's '04 re-election, Green Day comes out snarling framed by Garage Rock chords. "American Idiot" defines the hubris that was the coin of the realm. "Holiday" drills the point home. "Jesus Of Suburbia," "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" and "She's a Rebel" deliver an inescapable energy and lyrical poignancy. This is one of Rock's all-time great albums. No question. It's uncompromising and uncompromised.

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