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Golden Earring

The Dutch group Golden Earring was around long before "Radar Love" and they were active long after. Their two shots at worldwide fame were the aforementioned "Radar Love" in '74, and "Twilight Zone," eight years later. While "Twilight Zone" was an blistering recording with ominous lyrics ("when the bullet hits the bone") it paled in comparison to the masterpiece, "Radar Love."

As the opening chords drift off, a pulsating bass fades in and sets "Radar Love" in motion. The drums capture the wind shield wiper rhythm. Kooymans' hard-edged vocals provided a solid sense of urgency. Also, the guitar work by Kooymans and Hay, co-composers, was exceptional. Their parts propelled the song, adding drama.

"Radar Love" is about a guy heading home, with the pedal to the metal, to be with his girlfriend with whom he shares a special connection. There is even a reference to Brenda Lee playing on the radio. Nice touch.

Formed in the early '60s, as the Tornados, with guitarist/vocalist George Kooymans and bassist Rinus Gerritsen, Golden Earring soon began recording. Guitarist Barry Hay and drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk joined in the late '60s.

During the course of their career Golden Earring released approximately thirty records/CDs compiling several Dutch and European hits. "Radar Love" was originally on the "Moontan" album.

Golden Earring Discography


1965 Just Ear-rings
1967 Winter-Harvest
1968 Miracle Mirror
1969 On the Double
1969 Eight Miles High
1970 Golden Earring
1971 Seven Tears
1972 Together
1973 Moontan
1975 Switch
1976 To The Hilt
1976 Contraband
1978 Grab It For A Second
1979 No Promises...No Debts
1980 Prisoner Of The Night
1982 Cut
1984 N.E.W.S.
1986 The Hole
1989 Keeper Of The Flame
1991 Bloody Buccaneers
1994 Face It
1995 Love Sweat
1999 Paradise In Distress
2003 Millbrook U.S.A.
2012 Tits 'n Ass

It's hard to believe Golden Earring only produced two U.S. Rock hits ("Radar Love" and "Twilight Zone") but consistently released albums since the '60s. The Dutch group was obviously bigger in their homeland and Europe than North America. Maybe something got lost in the translation. Get their two hits and some other interesting stuff with "The Continuing Story of Radar Love."

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