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Fountains Of Wayne

The Fountains of Wayne was the name of lawn ornament store in Wayne, NJ. The store, featured in an episode of TV drama The Sopranos, closed in '09.

The other Fountains Of Wayne is a band formed in '96 and had an '03 hit with "Stacy's Mom."

The latter Fountains Of Wayne were founded by Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood, who met during their freshman year at Williams College. They performed as Are You My Mother? and Wooly Mammoth before adopting the Fountains Of Wayne moniker.

The group's self-titled debut landed in '96 but it was a Schlesinger song that garnered the attention. He composed the title track for the film That Thing You Do! It was a faithful recreation of post-Fab Four/pre-Monkees Rock n' Roll. The film, which chronicled rise and fall of a one-hit-wonder (The Wonders) starred Tom Hanks and earned Schlesinger an Oscar nomination and a gold record for the soundtrack.

Despite extensive touring in support of Fountains Of Wayne's second album, "Utopia Parkway" (named after a road in Queens), their label dropped them in '99. So now what?

Schlesinger co-wrote songs for the Josie and the Pussycats film and soundtrack, produced an album for the Verve Pipe and released an album with his pre-Fountains Of Wayne band Ivy. Collingwood charted a slightly different course fronting the Country leaning, Gay Potatoes.

After reuniting in '01 to record a cover of The Kinks' "Better Things" for the tribute album "This Is Where I Belong: Songs Of Ray Davies And The Kinks," Fountains Of Wayne secured some TV work - contributing theme songs and tracks to shows on Comedy Central and VH-1.

An A&R rep, Steve Yegewel, from their former label (Atlantic) had moved to S-Curve Records and he got the band a deal. "Welcome Interstate Managers" landed in '03 and featured "Stacy's Mom." The song earned a gold record but not without a struggle. It stalled on the Alternative Rock chart and looked destined for oblivion - taking the album with it - when the president of MTV decided to champion the song and video - which featured Rachael Hunter as the object of desire.

'05's "Out Of State Plates" was a collection of B-sides plus a cover of Britney Spears "…Baby, One More Time." Two years later, "Traffic And Weather" dropped, containing the single "I-95," which was named one of the Top 50 songs of the year by Rolling Stone magazine.

Featuring the singles "Richie And Ruben" and "Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart," Fountains Of Wayne released "Sky Full Of Holes" in the summer of '11.

Fountains Of Wayne Discography

Studio Albums:

1996 Fountains Of Wayne
1999 Utopia Parkway
2003 Welcome Interstate Managers
2007 Traffic And Weather
2011 Sky Full Of Holes

Other Releases:

2005 Out-of-State Plates (a collection of B-Sides)
2009 No Better Place: Live In Chicago

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