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In the early '70s, public television programs presented ancient Blues musicians - Delta, Chicago and all points in between. These masters would sit on rickety chairs, no trappings of stardom, and play their guitars - fingers flying across the fret board, creating magic. The rhythm. The licks. Virtuoso performances. Sitting at home on the couch trying to play along, watching the fingering, trying to keep up, was damn difficult. Somebody could make a fortune making this stuff easy. And they did.

Rolling out of Savoy Brown, "Lonesome" Dave Peverett, Tony Stevens and Roger Earl added Rod Price to create Foghat. Here it was, stripped down Blues riffs.

Taking Willie Dixon's "I Just Want To Make Love To You," in ' 72, and giving it the Hard Rock treatment, they made their first dent. For the next few years they mined the Boogie/Blues vein until they nailed it with "Fool For The City." The title track was a bashing good Rocker but their crowning achievement was "Slow Ride." Sledgehammer Rock. As basic and lean as the original Blues guys were masterful. Down and dirty. Great number. A live album and a couple more studio efforts followed. Finally, Foghat broke up, tried to re-group and so on. Doesn't matter. They did what they had to do.

Foghat Discography


1972 Foghat
1973 Rock And Roll
1974 Energized
1974 Rock And Roll Outlaws
1975 Fool For The City
1976 Night Shift
1976 Foghat Live
1978 Stone Blue
1979 Boogie Motel
1980 Tight Shoes
1981 Girls To Chat & Boys To Bounce
1982 In the Mood For Something Rude
1983 Zig-Zag Walk
1994 Return Of The Boogie Men
2003 Family Joules
2006 Foghat Live II
2010 Last Train Home

"Slow Ride," "I Just Want To Make Love To You" and "Fool For the City" are the group's legacy. Driving Blues-Boogie. The "Best of Foghat" has those songs and other worthy tracks. Their best original album was "Fool For The City" which has the title track and "Slow Ride."

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