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Flying Colors

Supergroups, like Flying Colors, are, at least initially, all about lineage. The Flying Colors' member with the most impressive pedigree was Mike Portnoy, a co-founder and drummer for Dream Theater. Next was virtuoso guitarist Steve Morse. Though he had an accomplished solo career and founded the Dixie Dregs, Morse had a reputation for joining groups well past their prime - namely Kansas, and a particularly extended stay with the latter-day Deep Purple.

Both David LaRue and Neal Morse had pre-existing relationships that led to their joining Flying Colors. LaRue was another Dixie Dregs vet who had also backed guitarists Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Morse who co-founded the Prog band Spock's Beard was also in Transatlantic with Portnoy. Casey McPherson, as the lead singer for Alpha Rev, had success with the song "New Morning."

Their self-title debut dropped in '12. "The album has bits and pieces of what you'd expect from each of us," said Portnoy. "The sum of all its parts led to brand new, unchartered territory for everyone involved."

"It was quite an experience making the album," added LaRue. "It's been an inspiring challenge melding Folk, Prog, Pop and Metal into one big recording."

"Flying Colors - Live In Europe" was released through Music Theory Recordings on multiple formats (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray). The set, available in '13, captured the band live in Tilburg, Netherlands, a year earlier.

Directed and edited by Bernhard Baran with Bill Evans as executive producer, the concert presented the entire studio album, alongside favorites performed by the individual band members.

Returning to the studio, Flying Colors issued "Second Nature" in '14. "The first album was very much a blind date," explained Portnoy. "This time there was an existing chemistry - we not only had the prior experiences of making the debut album, but also the '12 tour as well."

A return to the road led to "Second Flight: Live At The Z7," a '15 release.

Flying Colors Discography


2012 Flying Colors
2013 Flying Colors - Live In Europe
2014 Second Nature
2015 Second Flight: Live At The Z7

"Flying Colors" touches all the bases - some odd, others novel. But it's Prog Rock everybody wants, and when Flying Colors get around to it, they deliver.

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