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Firm, The

Combine Led Zeppelin's incredible guitarist, Jimmy Page with Bad Company's outstanding vocalist, Paul Rodgers and you'd think you'd have the makings of an exquisite supergroup.

Bad Company had been signed to Zeppelin's Swan Song Records. So this pairing was like keeping it in the family. Yeah, it must have looked good on paper.

The group, which included bassist Tony Franklin and ex-Uriah Heep drummer Chris Slade, produced two albums and one great song - "Radioactive." The rest failed to hit the mark, which proved to be a hard lesson for both Page and Rodgers. A Led Zeppelin or even a Bad Company can not be re-created at will, even by these exceptional talents.

Firm, The Discography

Studio Albums:

1985 The Firm
1986 Mean Business

The Firm's self-titled debut with "Radioactive" is the way to go, if you're going. Pass on the follow-up "Mean Business." It makes Zeppelin's "Coda" sound like a masterpiece.

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