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Fear Factory

When a band's founding member returns it's predictable that he would dismiss the albums made in his absence. That's exactly what Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares did.

Cazares founded Ulceration in '89. This outfit, which would become Fear Factory, also included vocalist Burton Bell and drummer Raymond Herrera. After rolling through three bassists, Dave Gibney ('89-'91), Andy Romero ('91) and Andrew Shives ('91-'92), Christian Olde Wolbers was the long-term answer.

Though members would come and go, these four (Cazares, Bell, Herrera and Wolbers) played ongoing roles.

Fear Factory's second album, '95's "Demanufacture," was considered the band's defining work, with a mix of rapid fire Thrash Metal/Industrial Metal riffs, powerful bass lines and pulse driven drum work. But seven years and two albums later, '98's "Obsolete" and '01's "Digimortal," tensions between Cazares and the other members, particularly Bell, led to an '02 break-up.

But Wolbers and Herrera reunited later that year and recorded demos that convinced Bell to rejoin. As part of the Fear Factory jump start, Wolbers switched to guitar leading to the addition of bassist Byron Stroud. Meanwhile, Cazares recorded and performed with his side project called Asesino.

Two Fear Factory albums, "Archetype" and "Transgression," came out in '04 and '05, respectively. Years later, after Cazares returned, having patched up differences with Bell, stated the albums "don't count" as Fear Factory efforts.

The '09 Cazares/Bell reconciliation was not a complete healing. Interestingly, Herrera and Wolbers were not included in this new Fear Factory iteration. "(Fear Factory is) like a business and I'm just reorganizing ... We won't talk about (their exclusion)," explained Bell. Even so, there were still issues.

"Life's too short to spend it with people who don't respect you," Stroud stated, announcing his departure in early '12. In one interview, Cazares said that Stroud was not able play the bass parts on '10's "Mechanize," prompting Cazares to do it himself. Cheap shot or true? Either way, Matt DeVries replaced Stroud.

Burton described '12's "The Industrialist" as a concept album "sonically, conceptually, and lyrically."

Cazares and John Sankey of Devolved programmed the drums for the set. This was news to drummer Gene Hoglan who claimed he was prevented from participating on the album, and only found out about its completion online. Not surprisingly, he left the following year.

Next up was '15's "Genexus," featuring the track "Soul Hacker."

Fear Factory Discography

Studio Albums:

1992 Soul Of A New Machine
1995 Demanufacture
1998 Obsolete
2001 Digimortal
2004 Archetype
2005 Transgression
2010 Mechanize
2012 The Industrialist
2015 Genexus

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