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Fear And The Nervous System

Just prior to Halloween, 2011, the self-titled debut album by Fear and the Nervous System, featuring KoRn's James "Munky" Shaffer, Faith No More's Billy Gould and Brooks Wackerman from Bad Religion, was available via download through Shaffer's own Emotional Syphon Recordings label.

The project "started with the passing of my father," Shaffer said. "I had a lot of emotions and energy, and I needed to get them out and record them. The only way I know how to express myself is through music."

In addition to Shaffer, Gould and Wackerman, the band had guitarist/songwriter/producer Leopold Ross and KoRn session keyboardist Zac Baird.

Their experimental/industrial Rock was recorded in Hollywood and included Limp Bizit/Black Light Burns guitarist Wes Borland. But Borland's contributions didn't make the cut when the various jam sessions were pieced together for the album. In addition, different guitar tunings were used so the music would be different from Schaffer's previous work with KoRn.

"It's definitely a strange way to make an album," stated Borland. "So I'm involved to the extent {that} I did the artwork for the album."

The original summer of '08 release date got pushed back, then back again. And since Shaffer didn't think he was any good at doing vocals Steve Krolikowski was enlisted in '09.

Still, it wasn't until the summer of '11 that the song "Choking Victim" was available as a free download on the Fear And The Nervous System website.

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