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When guitarist Tory Van Leeuween's name comes up it's usually in reference to his work with Queens Of The Stone Age and/or A Perfect Circle. But before those bands came into being, Van Leeuween was a member of Failure. He joined around the time of the group's third album "Fantastic Planet." The '96 album came a year before the group disbanded.

The L.A. Alt. Rock band started in '90 around Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards, with drummer Kelli Scott joining a bit later.

Though "Fantastic Planet" did better than previous albums, it didn't do all that good. Lead single, "Stuck On You" (comparing heroin to tune stuck in one's head) was only a minor Alt. radio hit and didn't do much on the Mainstream Rock or Modern Rock charts. The accompanying video never broke out of medium rotation on MTV.

The band split, citing personal differences, with members pursuing their own endeavors.

Interestingly, over the next decade-and-a-half Failure was cited as an influence by bands as varied as Tool and Paramore. With a reputation that exceeded the band's initial popularity, it seemed almost inevitable when Failure's 'classic' line-up (Edwards, Andrews and Scott), performed their first show in 17 years at the El Rey Theatre in L.A.

That was followed by an opening tour slot with Tool. Then they embarked on their own trek which included the tour exclusive EP "Tree Of Stars."

Failure's fourth studio album, "The Heart Is A Monster," dropped just after the group's appearance at SXSW. Though Van Leeuwen wasn't part of comeback, he did contribute to tracks on the album.

Failure Discography

Studio Albums:

1992 Comfort
1994 Magnified
1996 Fantastic Planet
2015 The Heart Is A Monster


2014 Tree Of Stars

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