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The Faceless

From the time The Faceless formed in '03 to late '14, the group released three albums and went through a dozen-and-a-half members. That kind of attrition is death, even to a Death Metal band.

Founded in Encino, CA by guitarist Michael Keene, The Faceless recorded a four-song EP, "Akeldama," which eventually became their debut full-length effort.

It was at that point drummer Brett Batdorf walked (initially replaced by Nick Pierce and then by Lyle Cooper). Batdorf was not the first to leave, nor was he the last. Tours and a revolving line-up were the rule.

Sophomore effort, "Planetary Duality" debuted at #119 on the Billboard 200. Co-founder, bassist Brandon Giffin left in '10 and was replaced by Jarrad Lander, who turned out to be a short-timer (big surprise), with Evan Brewer taking over on bass in '11.

Third album, '12's "Autotheism," did much better than "Akeldama," debuting at #50 on the Billboard chart.

On 10/20/14, both Brewer and drummer Alex Rudinger announced on their personal Facebook pages that they had left the band to pursue other projects. Less than two months later (12/04/14), vocalist Geoffrey Ficco confirmed his departure, leaving Keene the sole remaining member.

The Faceless Discography


2006 Akeldama
2008 Planetary Duality
2012 Autotheism

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