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It must have sounded easy. Take some good-looking kid, give him some Rock n' Roll songs, then stand back and watch the money roll in. And it did for a while.

Since cloning wasn't around in the '50s, every music management type sought their own Elvis. Grossly under estimating Presley's talent and scope, they simply looked for young men with smoldering good looks. Fabian Forte fit the bill. With hits like "Tiger Man" and Turn Me Loose" the Philly born Fabian had a good run but little staying power. The Bobby's - Vee, Vinton & Rydell soon supplanted him.

As far as manufactured pop/Rock goes; Fabian was a whole lot better than what followed.

Fabian  Discography

Never as bad as critics claimed, Fabian was a competent, good-natured, pretty-boy Rock 'n' Roller. "This Is Fabian!" or "The Best of Fabian" covers this minor performer.

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