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Ex Hex

For Christmas one year, Mary Timony's brother got a guitar. She was fascinated and a short time later asked him to teach her some chords. What could have been a "get lost" moment turned into a life-long passion. Timony gave up the viola and dedicated hours to mastering the chords her brother had taught her.

She waded into the Riot Grrrl movement and the Washington D.C. Punk scene. Her first stop of note was the short-lived all-female Punk band Autoclave. That led to spending the 90's in Helium (two albums, three EPs). Her subsequent solo career saw 00's "Mountains," '02's The Golden Dove," and '05's "Ex Hex." '07's "The Shapes We Make" was credited to the Mary Timony Band. Taking a break from her solo career, Timony joined actress/former Sleater-Kinney frontwoman Carrie Brownstein in Wild Flag. The pair had recorded earlier as The Spells.

With the other two members of Wild Flag busy with their own projects Timony began jamming with drummer Laura Harris, a veteran of the duo The Aquarium, who released a self-titled album in '06.

The return of Betsy Wright to D.C. completed the line-up but it took an adjustment. A longtime acquaintance of Timony's, Wright had been the guitarist for The Fire Tapes, a Charlotte based group that disbanded in '10. She had never played much bass. But intrigued by the band and the possibilities Wright gave it a shot - successfully.

Though Ex Hex had been the title of one of Timony's solo albums she stated that she liked how the two words sounded together and thought it would be a great name for a self-proclaimed Punk power trio.

With and extensive tour underway, Ex Hex released "Rips," their '14 debut.

Ex Hex Discography


2014 Rips

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