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Emmure's Frankie Palmeri (and to some extent the band) had a knack for stirring the pot. Palmeri first came under fire for a set of band designed T-shirts. One depicted the Columbine massacre and contained the phrase "Shoot First Ask Questions Last" while another had a shot from American History X, a '98 film about the neo-Nazi movement, that proclaimed "Violence As A Way of Life." Deemed "terribly offensive" their sole purpose was to generate controversy. So they succeeded.

Palmeri added fuel to the fire when he used blatantly offensive language repeatedly in online rants. Some, understandably, labeled him a racist and homophobic.

Then there was "Bring A Gun To School," the lead track from '14's "Eternal Enemies." That track led former Emmure guitarist Ben Lionetti to call Palmeri a "disgusting human being." No bad blood there.

Eleven years earlier, Emmure, a Death Metal/Metalcore band, was founded by Palmeri, the aforementioned Ben Lionetti, his drummer brother, Joe, bassist Mark Davis and guitarist Jesse Ketive.

Emmure took their name from the word 'immurement' which was a form of imprisonment, usually for life.
After producing an EP the group signed with Victory Records.

Brothers in the same band has its perils - family history, rivalries, and all sorts of issues. Some do well, while others implode but it's rare when brothers quit a band at the same time. That's what the Lionetti brothers did in '09 "due to conflict between members." There were even threats of litigation over royalties. The brothers were replaced by guitarist Mike Mulholland and drummer Michael Kaabe.

Emmure's third studio album, "Felony," dropped later in the year.

"Speaker Of The Dead" arrived in '11 and debuted at #68 on the Billboard 200 and #11 on the Independent Albums chart.

That same year, Kaabe was fired from the band after multiple conflicts with the band's members as well as the band's manager. See a pattern?

Bury Your Dead's Mark Castillo stepped in for the recording of the group's fifth album, "Slave To The Game." But he quit the band "under amicable circumstances" (for a change) just two years later. Next up was Adam Pierce from All Shall Perish. He handled the live drumming duties after Castillo's departure before becoming a full-time member.

A year past the "Eternal Enemies" controversy Emmure suffered another blow when they had to cancel a show in Fort Collins, CO after Palmeri suffered a "major tear" in his vocal cords. Other dates on the '15 tour got axed as well.

But before anyone expected and doctors recommended, Palmeri was back onstage.

Turned out, he should have heeded the doctor's advice. Just a few weeks later, Emmure was forced to cancel their planned European tour because Palmeri had 'severe acute and chronic reflux laryngitis and a weak (partially paralyzed) left vocal cord.'

That was compounded by another issue.

Sometimes the frontman leaves the band. Less often, the band leaves the frontman. The latter happened toward the end of the year when Davis, Ketive, Mulholland and Pierce announced their departure to form a new group.

Before that news had time to sink in, Palmeri issued a statement regarding Emmure's future. "I am so thankful to have so many true fans stand behind me during this time. As far as the future goes I am happy to tell you all that this is not the end of Emmure. There is in fact a new line up right now and we are currently working on a new studio album."

Emmure released "Look At Yourself" in'17. It was the first album with guitarist Josh Travis, bassist Phil Lockett and drummer Josh Miller backing Palmeri.

Emmure Discography


2007 Goodbye To The Gallows
2008 The Respect Issue
2009 Felony
2011 Speaker Of The Dead
2012 Slave To The Game
2014 Eternal Enemies
2017 Look At Yourself

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