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Edgar Winter

After contributing nearly all the studio tracks, except guitar, to his brother Johnny's "Second Winter" album, Edgar Winter decided to branch out on his own. First there was Edgar Winter's White Trash. That was followed by the Edgar Winter Group with Ronnie Montrose on guitar. Hitting the streets in '73, "They Only Come Out At Night," featured the chart topping instrumental "Frankenstein" and the follow-up, with vocals, "Free Ride."

Montrose soon left to start his own group and was replaced by Jerry Weems, who was eventually replaced by the group's producer Rick Derringer.

Edgar Winter Discography

Edgar Winter's music touched Soul and Funk but he is best known for straight-ahead '70s Rock. In fact, the songs "Free Ride" and the instrumental "Frankenstein," both on Winter's "They Only Come Out At Night" album, helped define the term. "Edgar Winter and White Trash" released a year earlier is more eclectic but no less satisfying with "I've Got News For You" and "Save The Planet."

"The Edgar Winter Collection" chronicles his career in a concise package.

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