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Econoline Crush

Seattle in the early '90s had a special appeal - from the outside. Once in the rain capitol of the western world the grim realities set in. It wasn't a music mecca. Just a couple of indie labels doing an excellent job of nurturing and promoting the local scene. Eventually, the major labels swooped down and signed the best groups; then lost any hope of turning a profit by also signing the dregs.

In the midst of this swirl and heady times, vocalist Trevor Hurst bailed from his native Canada and arrived in Seattle. Hurst answered an ad in a local music paper and Econoline Crush was on its way. The name came from French novelist Euxebe Auxtry's "Jeu de Fountaine." Lifting a group's name from literature has always been in vogue. But to pick a French literary reference; that's going the extra mile. In the novel, Econoline Crush was a fictional drug that gave the user a hopeless sense of optimism. Nice touch.

As the Seattle scene started the long and inevitable decline, Hurst, guitarists Robbie Morfitt and Ziggy, along with bassist Don Binns and drummer Nico Quintal relocated to Vancouver, B.C.

Econoline Crush made their recording debut with "Purge" in '94 and followed it two years later with "Affliction." However, their '98 release "Devil You Know" provided the breakthrough with the title track's melodic hooks and the hard Rockin' opening cut "Surefire," propelled by Quintal's riveting drumming.

Like "Devil You Know," the '01 release "Brand New History" opened with a scorching Rocker, "Make It Right." The spitting churn of "You Don't Know What It's Like" and the mellower but intriguing "By The Riverside" and "Digging The Heroine" were the highlights.

Econoline Crush Discography


1996 Affliction -
1997 The Devil You Know
2001 Brand New History
2008 Ignite

"Devil You Know" stands as Econoline Crush's most powerful and satisfying CD. Following their first two CDs the group became more cohesive and focused. "Brand New History" is a bit of a falling off. The energy seems dissipated. But this is still a good album and it's better than the '90s releases "Purge" and Affliction."

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