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Echo & The Bunnymen

The world can be going along just fine. There are no wars, the economy is good and people are being treated less cruelly than usual. Even in these circumstances, there's bound to be somebody who's down. In the '80s, it was Echo & The Bunnymen. They were dark, moody and disquieting. The haunting "Killing Moon" and "Bring On The Dancing Horses" are their best-known songs. Surprisingly, for growing up in Liverpool, vocalist Ian McCulloch and guitarist Will Sergeant were influenced by the legendary L.A. group, the Doors. It showed. "Killing Moon" was a brooding song with a plucked guitar for a slightly Asian sound. McCulloch's vocals were both plaintive and demanding.

McCulloch had been booted out of Teardrop Explodes. That misadventure led to the creation of Echo & The Bunnymen. The original Echo was a drum machine (later replaced by the living Pete De Freitas).

McCulloch left the group in '89. Unwisely, they continued without him with negligible results.

McCulloch and Sergeant reunited for Electrafixion and produced the "Burned" CD in '95.

After nearly letting the '90's slip by, Echo & The Bunnymen returned in '97 with "Evergreen," which landed in the U.K. Top 10. "What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?" came out two years later.

In relative short order, the group's '00 output easily matched the '90s with the arrival of '"Flowers" ('01) and "Siberia" ('05).

In the midst of this creativity Echo & the Bunnymen received the '02 Q Inspiration award for reaching "new generations of musicians, songs and music lovers in general." "It validates everything that we've tried to achieveŚcool, great timeless music," stated McCulloch.

Though the group re-signed with their original label, Warner, in '07 it was a couple of years ('09) before "The Fountain" dropped. McCulloch was of the opinion that the album was "the best one we've made, apart from 'Ocean Rain'."

That same year, former keyboard player Jake Brockman died on the Isle of Man, in a motorcycle accident. He had played keyboards for the band during the '80s.

With another lengthy hiatus between albums, Echo & The Bunnymen released "Meteorites" in '14.

Echo & The Bunnymen Discography

Studio Albums:

1980 Crocodiles
1981 Heaven Up Here
1983 Porcupine
1984 Ocean Rain
1987 Echo & The Bunnymen
1990 Reverberation
1997 Evergreen
1999 What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?
2001 Flowers
2005 Siberia
2009 The Fountain
2014 Meteorites

Echo & The Bunnymen had a great run from their from their debut "Crocodiles" ('80) to their self-titled fifth album ('87). The standout is "Ocean Rain" which contains "Killing Moon." "Heaven Up Here" ('81) is another excellent choice.

"Songs To Learn & Sing" has "Killing Moon," "Bring On The Dancing Horses" and other notable Echo & The Bunnymen songs.


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