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Sometimes a name change can help a group's fortunes. Having been together since '94 Long Island's Flu 13 had done the indie circuit, played countless shows and released the Steve Albini produced seven inch single "Foul Key of V."

The project had a little trouble getting out of the gate. Originally recorded for indie label, Interplanetary Truckers Union, it was eventually released on Medicine Records. ITU did what indie labels often do - went out of business.

Feeling the "name/number" moniker was played out (think: Blink-182, Finger Eleven, 3 Doors Down, etc.) Flu 13 was dropped in favor of Diffuser. Shortly thereafter, Tomas Costanza (guitar/vocals), Lawrence Sullivan (bass), Anthony Cangelosi (guitar) and Billy Alemaghides (drums) were signed by Hollywood Records.

"Karma" with its "you get what you deserve" theme landed on the "Mission Impossible 2" soundtrack, released in the summer of '00. Next up was the "Injury Loves Melody" CD which also contained "Karma."

Diffuser Discography


2000 35/Leaving With A California Tilt (7-inch)
2001 Injury Loves Melody
2003 Making the Grade
2008 Sincerely, Wasting Away

"Injury Loves Melody," Diffuser's major label debut took a hit or two for being derivative. The group's sound has been likened to Foo Fighters or Blink-182 and they acknowledge influences from Led Zeppelin to Sonic Youth. The group takes Hard Rock's muscle and melds it with indie Rock's raw emotion. Lotta hooks in there too. The sonically dense "I Am," and the ballad-morphing-to-Rocker "Leaving California With A Tilt" stand out along with "Karma."

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