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Sometimes it's all about connections. A friend or an acquaintance is in a position to help. Many businesses function largely on relationships, especially music.

Guitarist Jeremy Hora and drummer Danny Craig started the Fallout in '99. Though Hora and Craig were long time Vancouver music vets, they enlisted relative novice and former high school classmate, Dallas Smith for vocals. A bass player was added to record a demo.

Here's where connections played a part. Nickelback's guitarist/vocalist Chad Kroeger had known both Hora and Craig from previous bands. So when he heard the demo he offered to produce the group's next recording sessions. Nice guy. Soon the name Fallout was dropped with Default taken as the new moniker.

Vancouver Rock radio station CFOX, in an attempt to foster and promote the local music scene, produced "Vancouver Seeds 2000" CD compilation. Default landed "Deny" on the disc and it became a local favorite. That led to a label deal and the addition of bassist Dave Benedict. Since Kroeger was not available, veteran producer Rick Parasher, who'd worked with Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam, was brought on board for Default's '01 debut "Fallout."

Default Discography


2001 The Fallout
2003 Elocation
2005 One Thing Remains
2009 Comes And Goes

Default plays straight-ahead Rock with dense production and a melodic leaning. "Fallout" is their debut containing "Deny." It's easy to understand why this song had the local impact it did. The rhythmic "Seize The Day" and the single "Wasting My Time" stand out.

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