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Days Of The New

Blowing out of their native Charlestown, IN, and settling in Louisville, KY, school chums Travis Meeks (vocalist), Jesse Vest (bassist) and Matt Taul (drummer) founded Days Of The New. Guitarist Todd Whitener rounded out the line-up. In short order, Days Of The New came to the attention of producer Scott Litt (R.E.M. and The Replacements) who had also started Outpost Records in '96. By '98, Days Of The New released their self-titled and hugely successful debut featuring the slow grinding "Solitude" and the mid-tempo, acoustic flavored "Touch, Peel and Stand."

"Days Of The New II" had the slow grunge of "Flight Response" and the percussive "The Real." While Days Of The New's debut was fairly standard stuff, Meeks stepped out on "II" by writing, producing and playing many of the instruments. With lavish orchestrations, American Indian chants and fiddle solos, "II" illustrated a departure, although not all that radical, from the original sound. Still, the rest of the group departed over to creative differences. Vest, Taul and Whitener hooked up with vocalist Hugo Ferreira and continued as Tantric.

Days Of The New Discography

Days Of The New's self-titled debut shows a good group treading post-Grunge turf. The more adventurous, though not always successful, "II" has its moments but the debut is the stronger of the two.

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