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David Lee Roth

At an early age Roth was diagnosed as hyperactive. Yep. Can't stand still. All Rock lead singers should be so lucky. And a good ones are. In concert, Roth pushed himself to the point of exhaustion (running, jumping and hard partying) or whatever and passed out. That's a good way to end it. None of that banging around by the audience for an encore. The singer's tanked, show's over. Van Halen was commercially successful before MTV but Roth thrived in that hothouse environment. The video for "Jump" was reportedly made for $600. It's Roth at his showman best. There are splits, leg kicks and twirls. But the big finish is doing a summersault across bass player Michael Anthony's back. All so effortless.

You had to love Roth's exaggerated lip-syncing, the casual head toss or just the overall cool he exuded. The good thing about Van Halen was the other three members kept Roth relatively in check. On his own hook, he flashed his tush to the camera 6,000 times too often. That and not much to fall back on without Van Halen's support spelled a quick demise. Still, he was fun and impetuous. His "Just A Gigolo" video, where he parodied his contemporaries, was a classic.

Diamond Dave returned to Van Halen in the '90s to work on a 'Greatest Hits" project. That little adventure prompted singer/guitarist Sammy Hagar's departure. Roth didn't hang around either.

David Lee Roth Discography

David Lee Roth made a solo splash with the EP "Crazy From The Heat" featuring the campy Louis Prima covers and a fairly faithful rendition of the Beach Boys' "California Girls." His first album "Eat "em and Smile" represents his best solo work. If you have a taste for self-indulgent Rock get "The Best."

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