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Dave Edmunds

After performing for more than a decade, Edmunds founded Love Sculpture in the late 60's. They had a Top 5 hit in the U.K. with a quasi-novelty reworking Khachaturian's classical piece, "Sabre Dance." But a novelty song usually doesn't lay the foundation for a long career.

Edmunds went solo, recording "I Hear You Knocking," a cover of the Smiley Lewis song. As so often happens, things didn't work as planned. The original idea was to record Wilbert Harrison's "Let's Work Together" but the American group Canned Heat beat him to it (and had a hit). So Edmunds took the arrangement he'd developed for "Let's Work Together" and transferred it to "I Hear You Knocking."

The song reached #4 in the U.S. (#1 in the U.K.).

Ironically, that was not his best song. Rather, it was the fast paced, humor driven Rocker "Crawling From The Wreckage," the ultimate story song about life piling up until it topples.

From there, Edmunds joined the short-lived but highly regarded Rockpile with Nick Lowe. He also appeared in the David Essex ("Rock On") film, Stardust.

Aside from pursuing his solo career, Edmunds garnered a solid reputation as a producer, especially of Pub Rock bands; Brinsley Schwarz (with Nick Lowe), Ducks Deluxe, and The Flamin' Groovies.

Dave Edmunds Discography

Dave Edmunds:

1972 Rockpile
1975 Subtle As A Flying Mallet
1977 Get It
1978 Tracks On Wax 4
1979 Repeat When Necessary
1981 Twangin...
1982 D.E. 7th
1983 Information
1984 Riff Raff
1990 Closer To the Flame
1994 Plugged In
2000 Hand Picked: Musical Fantasies

Edmunds with Rockpile:

1980 Seconds Of Pleasure

The best place to start is "The Best of Dave Edmunds." This set provides the essential tracks beyond his "I Hear You Knocking" claim to fame.

For good old Rock 'n' Roll, with an intelligent twist, opt for "Get It" and "Repeat When Necessary."

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