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The trio Dada (named after the early 20th century art movement that rebelled against stale cultural conventions) hit with their parody of the ubiquitous Disneyland commercials. Rather than winning the Super Bowl or the World Series to earn a trip to the theme park, Dada's "accomplishments" were far less stellar, and often criminal, which was exactly what made it work. To avoid getting sued out of existence by Mickey Mouse lawyers Dada changed the spelling to "Dizz Knee Land." Now who could have a problem with that?

Joie Calio (bass/vocals), Michael Gurly (guitar/vocals) and Phil Leavitt (drums) joined forces in L.A. Though they got rolling in '90, the group had a definite early '80s guitar/New Wave leaning that served them well. Signed by I.R.S. their debut "Puzzle" with "Dizz Knee Land" was released in '92. Two years later "American Highway Flower" rolled out but failed to ignite. It was the old sophomore jinx in full force. The group made a slight recovery with their '96 album "El Subliminoso" containing Rocker "I Got High" but there was nothing even as remotely successful as "Dizz Knee Land." Finally, Dada's self-titled fourth album came and went with little notice.

Dada Discography

"Puzzle" shows Dada in the best light. Not only does it contain the group's one hit; it is their most consistent effort. "El Subliminoso" is the next choice even though it represents significant falling off.

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