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Crazy Town

Crazy Town

It happens. A group records an album and includes a track dissimilar from the others. It could be a goofy idea, an experimental track or just filler. But the record company gets a hold of it. The next thing you know, the song's a huge hit and it becomes the one thing the group is known for. That could pass as the Crazy Town story with "Butterfly" - a track sampled from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Crazy Town had released two singles from their debut "The Gift of Game" without making any impact. "Butterfly" with its slow, hypnotic groove, shot up the pop and R&B charts while the video got the "burn-out" treatment on MTV and TRL. The Rap-influenced song got Crazy Town slotted as pop-Rap, even though most of the album had a harder, Rock edge. "The Gift of Game" sold two and a half million copies as Crazy Town completed a rigorous tour schedule including a stint on Ozzfest.

Epic and Shifty started working together in the early '90s. Deciding to focus on Crazy Town, and de-emphasize other projects, the group came together. All the "Butterfly" pressure resulted in original drummer JBJ leaving and being replaced by Hollinger. Tyler filled in for a show and the group was so impressed he was asked to join.

In '02, Crazy Town unfurled the more Rock oriented "Darkhorse."

Crazy Town Discography

Studio Albums:

1999 The Gift Of Game
2002 Darkhorse
2015 The Brimstone Sluggers

"The Gift of Game" contains the ubiquitous "Butterfly" but it also kicks with the burning "Toxic" and Rap-Rocker "Think Fast." It's a good album but the more driven "Darkhorse" is better. Led by "Drowning," the album takes the group beyond "Butterfly." There is also an excellent "apology" song in "Hurt You So Bad."

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