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The end of one story is often the beginning of another. With Camper Van Beethoven quickly becoming a thing of the past, David Lowery formed Cracker with his childhood friend, guitarist Johnny Hickman.

The group's self-titled '92 debut had "Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)" which went to #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks. It was a classic uptempo acoustic/electric track with a sarcastic vocal. But it was Cracker's sophomore effort, "Kerosene Hat" that provided the greatest commercial success. The album had the singles "Low," which peaked at #3 on the Modern Rock chart, and "Get Off This," which went to #6.

Asked to contribute to "Encomium," a Led Zeppelin tribute album, Cracker recorded "When The Levee Breaks." However, their version was deemed "too weird" so the group covered "Good Times Bad Times."

"The Golden Age" had Cracker's last Top 20 song on the Modern Rock Tracks. "I Hate My Generation" got to #13. The next album, "Gentleman's Blues" came and went with little notice.

To this point, Cracker had gone through no less than six drummers in addition to relying, in their early days, on session percussionists. Only three bass players were utilized during the same period.

A compilation album called "Garage D'Or" dropped in '00, with one disc composed of greatest hits and three new songs, and another containing out-takes, soundtrack contributions and demos.

However, that wasn't the end of the Cracker story. The album "Forever" came out two years later but failed to make a mark. As a result, Cracker and their label, Virgin, parted company some months later.

Camper Van Beethoven had shown Country tendencies (among many other styles). Now it was Cracker's turn with the independent release of "Countrysides," predominately a collection of Country covers. That led to the '05 launch of the annual three-night "Campout" in Pioneertown, CA with Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven hosting and performing along with other groups and performers.

With the addition of Camper Van Beethoven bassist Victor Krummenacher, Cracker released the studio album "Greenland" and continued to tour extensively.

Three years later, in '09, they released "Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey," the group's first album to land on the Billboard 200 in over a decade.

"Berkeley To Bakersfield" was Cracker's tenth studio effort. The double album was, as the name implied, influenced by two veins of California music - North Bay Rock and Country.

Lowery and Hickman reunited the original Cracker lineup for the 'Berkeley' set and utilized outside musicians for the 'Bakersfield' tracks - which marked their first Country oriented effort with all original material. The '14 set featured the song "Almond Grove."

Cracker Discography

Studio Albums:

1992 Cracker
1993 Kerosene Hat
1994 Bob's Car (fan club exclusive release)
1996 The Golden Age
1998 Gentleman's Blues
2002 Forever
2003 Countrysides
2006 Greenland
2009 Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey
2014 Berkeley To Bakersfield

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