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Cliver's "I'm America" is seen, by singer Uliana Preotu, as a song of healing and hope.

"It is an anthem for everyone and about everything that America is, with the good and the bad," explained Preotu, "(It's) about people's journey to America, living in America, all the sacrifices everyone makes, and in the end just how great this country is. It's a beautiful place, you can drink the water!"

Just a few years earlier Preotu, an immigrate from Romania, who spoke little English, but could sing Rock thanks to watching System Of A Down and No Doubt on MTV, walked into an audition for Me Talk Pretty, a band led by guitarist Leon Lyazidi.

She passed the audition and Me Talk Pretty had a brief recording career before making personnel changes and reemerging as Cliver.

The single "In My Head" garnered a lot of attention.

The song "is the reaction to the pressure you feel from a society that strives to hide its imperfections," said Preotu.

"We all think about smashing and burning all the things around us that make us feel ugly, fake or second class. It's easy to feel like that when everything is photoshopped, scripted or perfect. That's not life. That's not Rock and Roll."

The song's guitar solo was performed by Guns N' Roses' guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, who co-wrote the track with Preotu and Lyazidi. Bumblefoot also appeared in the accompanying video.

Cliver's debut album, "Not The End Of The World," featuring both "In My Head" and "I'm American," was a '16 release.

The set was produced by Lyazidi. Johnny K (Trapt, Pop Evil Staind, Megadeth) served as the executive producer.

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2016 Not The End Of The World

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