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Circa Survive

People have epiphanies. Sometimes they occur late at night, on the way to work or in a Phoenix airport. Returning to California, from his hometown of Philadelphia, singer Anthony Green had a layover in Phoenix. It was at the airport that Green realized he didn't want to continue as Saosin's frontman, even though the group was on the cusp of success.

"I left primarily because I didn't want to sign to a major label in that band," said Green.

Returning to Philly, Green hooked up with his friend, guitarist Colin Frangicetto, and they launched Circa Survive. Adding guitarist Brendon Ekstrom, bassist Nick Beard and drummer Steve Clifford, Circa Survive was signed by Equal Vision Records.

Full-length debut, "Juturna," dropped in '05. The album received mixed reviews and peaked in the nether regions of the Billboard 200 (#183). The group toured, opening for My Chemical Romance - a relationship that continued over the years.

Known for unleashing fluorescent beach balls into the audience or projecting a silent movie while performing, Circa Survive's most notable stage accoutrement was Green's propensity for wearing a dress at outdoor music festivals.

'07 sophomore set, "On Letting Go," sold 24,000 copies in its debut week to land at #24. The album sold a little over 51,000 copies during its run.

"Blue Sky Noise," also peaked at #24 (matching "On Letting Go") but was ranked at #9 on's Top 50 albums of 2010. The EP "Appendage" came next.

After some misdirection over the title of the group's fourth album (that it was named "Violent Waves," followed by denials), "Violent Waves" dropped in '12 and made its debut at #15 on the Billboard chart.

"Descensus," a '14 effort, was the group's first album of original material issued through Sumerian Records.

"It's definitely the most aggressive Circa record we've ever made," stated Green. "I feel like I just outdid myself. I feel like we did better than we did before. That's what you always hope for."

Green then pulled triple duty (in addition to a solo career and Circa Survive) when he rejoined Saosin.

Circa Survive returned in '17 with "The Amulet." It was their sixth album but first on the Hopeless Records imprint.

Circa Survive Discography

Studio Albums:

2005 Juturna
2007 On Letting Go
2010 Blue Sky Noise
2012 Violent Waves
2014 Descensus
2017 The Amulet

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