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Cave In

Cave In

The name Cave In sounds like it belongs to a post-Grunge, Thrash Alt. Rock group. When they formed outside of Boston in '95 that was just what Stephen Brodsky (guitar/vocals), Adam McGrath (guitar), Caleb Scofield (bass) John-Robert Conners (drums) were. They lurched through a couple lead singers and recorded the unexceptional indie LP "Until Your Heart Stops" before the group changed course.

First Brodsky, who'd taken over the leather-lunged vocals, found it physically painful. He just couldn't continue. Second, the rest of the group realized there was more to music than angst and alienation. "Creative Eclipses" EP offered an airier, quirky sound.

Fans generally enjoyed what they thought was a one-off venture. But with the release of the full-length "Jupiter" in '00 it became apparent that the change had stuck. Tagged Space-Emo, Cave In delivered a Grunge based sound with progressive Rock leanings that fortunately omitted that genre's pretensions. EP "Tides Of Tomorrow" followed in '02. Having built and impressive following, the group moved from the indie Hydra Head label to RCA where they released "Antenna."

Cave In Discography

Studio Albums:

1996 Until Your Heart Stops
2000 Jupiter
2003 Antenna
2005 Perfect Pitch Black
2011 White Silence

There are many fans of Cave In's extended forays on "Jupiter." The album's guitar driven core is given room to breathe and takes unexpected turns. With more energy and focus than say, Radiohead, this set has a lot going for it. "Antenna," being the group's major label debut, finds them moving toward the mainstream. More accessible than "Jupiter" it's not nearly as captivating. Still, "Anchor" Rocks while "Seafrost" harks back to the group's "Jupiter" era.

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