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The Candles

Some musicians like to work in the background and do their thing with recognition usually coming from other musicians. However, there are backing musicians who think privately and publically about taking that giant step into the spotlight. One of those was Josh Lattanzi.

After playing guitar and bass for a variety of performers ranging from Albert Hammond, Jr. (The Strokes) to Evan Dando (The Lemonheads) with Tinted Windows (featuring ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, among others) Juliana Hatfield in there too, Lattanzi started The Candles saying it felt "like the right time to do something that truly belongs to me."

Holed up in Celeste, TX, at the studio of fellow musician John Kent (who had played with Lattanzi in Ben Kweller's band) , Lattanzi began recording The Candles debut. But before the album was finished he returned to the road. While touring with Tinted Windows he convinced Iha to contribute the track, "Anywhere Tonight."
The Candles Discography


2010 Between The Sounds
2013 La Candelaria

Had The Candles released "Between The Sounds" in the early '70s they would have fit snugly between Jackson Browne and The Eagles. Folk-Rock blended with power pop plus some Country overtones to make it go down smooth.

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