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The Calling

A group can spend an eternity (or so it seems) developing an original sound, refining it and finding an audience. Of course, there is an easier way. Copy an existing popular style, add your own embellishments (or not) and call it good. The Calling took the latter route mining the Alt. Rock/power pop motherload.

The Calling started in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley area when guitarist Aaron Kamin was dating vocalist Alex Band's sister. The two became friends and wrote songs. Band's sister soon delivered an ultimatum to Kamin; date me or work on music with my brother. Easy to figure out the answer to that one. An RCA A&R staffer heard Kamin and Band's songs and signed them to a development deal. Not a bad start. The next step was the formation of Generation Gap with a 40-ish bassist and drummer old enough to remember Elvis Presley's debut. That quirky line-up didn't last.

Band and Kamin then recruited guitarist Sean Woolstenhulme, bassist Billy Mohler and drummer Nate Wood. Their debut album "Camino Palmero," with eight tracks mixed by studio genius Chris Lord-Alge (pays to have the heavyweights onboard), arrived in '01. The group scored a semi-break appearing in the quickly forgotten film "Coyote Ugly," performing their hit "Wherever You Will Go."

The Calling Discography


2001 Camino Palmero
2004 Two

Blending two-guitar jangle Rock with strong emotive tendencies, "Camino Palmero" is a solid, if not dazzling, debut. The group Rocks with "Wherever You Will Go" and "Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way." However, there's a preponderance of ballads. Although Band's husky voice gives these tracks some appeal it's rather limited.

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