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Sometimes you just get one shot.

Kim Deal, looking for a project that would give her more of a creative platform than she had as a member of the Pixies, teamed up with Tanya Donelly (vocals/guitar), Josephine Wiggs (bass), Shannon Doughton (drums) and sister Kelley Deal (guitar/vocals) to form the Breeders. Though founded in '90 it would take three years before they would score with "Cannonball" from the "Last Splash" CD.

"Cannonball" was one of those seismic songs that come along every now and then. With ear-splitting distortion, "in-a-box" vocals and the guitar-pounding riff, the song was a Rock masterpiece.

The Breeders went through transitions. Donelly left and Doughton was replaced by James McPherson. However, the biggest change resulted from Kelly Deal's drug problem. Though Kelly recovered, it forced sister Kim start from scratch once again with the Amps. Kelley also returned with Kelley Deal 6000.

The Deal sisters returned to the studio in '01 to record "Title TK," the Breeders third studio album. Though produced by Steve Albini, the set failed to generate expected sales and the Breeders were dropped by Warner Music Group, with some other low producing (revenue) groups, in a general '04 housecleaning. But less than two years later, the Breeders were recording again. The end result was '08's "Mountain Battles."

This too failed to move mountains only getting to #98 on the Billboard 200 - though it did reach #12 on the Indie Album chart.

A decade passed before the Breeders returned with "All Nerve." It was the group's first album since their pivotal '93 set, "Last Splash" to have the line-up of the Deal sisters, Macpherson and bassist Josephine Wiggs.

Breeders Discography

Studio Albums:

1990 Pod
1993 Last Splash
2002 Title TK
2008 Mountain Battles
2018 All Nerve

"Cannonball" is the Breeder's signature song. It's on the "Last Splash" CD which also contains great Rockers "New Year," "Invisible Man" and "Filpside." Even the quirky material, "No Aloha" and "Drivin' On 9," is not without its appeal. The group's '90 debut "Pod" is OK.

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