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Blue Oyster Cult/B.O.C.

"Oh no, there goes Tokyo, go, go Godzilla." Any band that can sing that line and still Rock has got to be special. How many Rock songs are there about Godzilla? Nor are there many love songs with a title like "(Don't Fear) The Reaper." That sums up Blue Oyster Cult's unique perspective.

Hailing from Long Island, B.O.C. formed in '70 and managed to land a recording contract in '72. On the way, they became a regular opening act for Alice Cooper. The starting line-up was Eric Bloom (vocals, "stun" guitar, keyboards and bass), Donald Roeser a.k.a. Buck Dharma (vocals, keyboards, bass, regular guitar - no stun), Allen Lanier (keyboards), Albert Bouchard (drums) and Joe Bouchard (bass). Not a bad idea having brothers hold down the rhythm section. Some lyrics came from Rock critic Richard Meltzer, fantasy writer Michael Moorcock and Rocker Patti Smith.

B.O.C. announced their presence with an effective one-two punch, "Agents of Fortune" in '76 and "Spectres," a year later. The former contained "Reaper" and "Spectres" had "Godzilla" along with the classic "Golden Age of Leather."

In the early '80's "Fire Of Unknown Origin" with "Burning For You" came out. It was the group's best selling effort of the decade. Meanwhile, their older albums kept moving notching gold and platinum certification.

After a U.K. tour supporting "Fire of Unknown Origin," Al Bouchard left. Not only did B.O.C. lose his drumming and songwriting expertise, his departure began a revolving door process, with members bailing regularly.

Blue Oyster Cult's original line-up reunited to play a 40th Anniversary concert on 11/5/12 in NYC. An earlier show was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy.
Blue Oyster Cult Discography


1972 Blue Öyster Cult
1973 Tyranny And Mutation
1974 Secret Treaties
1976 Agents Of Fortune
1977 Spectres
1979 Mirrors
1980 Cultösaurus Erectus
1981 Fire Of Unknown Origin
1983 The Revölution By Night
1985 Club Ninja
1988 Imaginos
1994 Cult Classic
1998 Heaven Forbid
2001 Curse Of The Hidden Mirror

"Don't Fear The Reaper" and the hilarious "Godzilla" are Blue Oyster Cult's best songs. Interestingly, these songs appear on B.O.C.'s two best albums. "Agents Of Fortune" and "Spectres," catch B.OC. in mid-career. Early B.O.C. is OK at best. "Fire Of Unknown Origin" (with Burning For You") is the best of their '80s work.

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