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Billy Squier

Billy Squier arrived with the anthem "The Stroke" in '81. He followed that with a string of hits including "Lonely Is The Night," "In The Dark" and "My Kinda Lover."

Rolling out of Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, Squier was a cross between a Rocker and pin-up. He cut his teeth in a band called Piper before hitting the solo road. A somewhat limited singer, Squier also made some questionable video performances (attempting to dance in one) which slowed, if not halted, his career.

Squier's best song was the propulsive "Everybody Wants You." It started with what sounded like a synth-motorcycle and electronic finger popping. The tight one-bar bass riff was a sure-fire ear grabber.

Using the talent he possessed, Squier's voice demonstrated a muscular quality, designed for party-Rockers not arias. He also nailed some effective vocal inflections, especially on the words "alcohol" and "magazine." A great Rock performance.

Though Squier continued recording into the '90s, his finest moments were long behind him.

Billy Squier Discography


1980 The Tale Of The Tape
1981 Don't Say No
1982 Emotions In Motion
1984 Signs Of Life
1986 Enough Is Enough
1989 Hear & Now
1991 Creatures Of Habit
1993 Tell The Truth
1998 Happy Blue

Get the hits on "The Best of Billy Squier: 16 Strokes." The next stop would be "Don't Say No" with "The Stroke" and "My Kinda Lover." If there's a big wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket there's always "Reach For The Sky: Anthology." This set traces Squier's career from pre-fame to post-fame, including a couple Piper tracks.

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