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Big Deal

There are times when the unexpected happens and when the expected doesn't. Big Deal came about when American Kacey Underwood gave guitar lessons to Brit Alice Costelloe, who was eleven years his junior. By Costelloe's account, the lessons didn't go well but the pair began writing songs together which led to performances.

As they became popular, fans and the press began to speculate on a possible relationship between the two citing potentially romantic lyrics in select songs ("Chair" and "Cool Like Kurt," for example).

"We both write songs about relationships," explained Underwood. "But I think when you have a guy and a girl on stage - just a guy and a girl - that's the obvious assumption that gets made. I don't think it bothers us. I don't think we think about playing it up or down. We try to play a good show."

The duo caught the attention of the Mute label who issued Big Deal's '11 debut, "Lights Out." "They didn't want us to change anything or do anything," Underwood said. "Just like, go in, record, get the record done, put it out - which was exactly what we wanted to do."

For their next effort, "June Gloom," which dropped in '13, the duo employed a fuller-sound (drums, bass, etc.).

Big Deal Discography


2011 Lights Out
2013 June Gloom

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