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 Rockin'Artist Bios P
 Artist Prime Years 
P.O.D.1998 - 2008 
Take hardcore Punk, Alt. Metal, Hip-Hop, a dash of Reggae and blend it with Christian oriented lyrics - that's P.O.D. - Payable On Death.
Jimmy Page1968 - 1975 
Session guitarist turned Yardbirds axeman, Jimmy Page's legacy was built on his next move, Led Zeppelin.
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart2009 -  
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, a New York City indie pop band, took their name from the title of an unpublished children's book.
Palehound2015 -  
Palehound's full-length debut was titled Dry Food.
Palma Violets2013 -  
Palma Violets first single, Best Of Friends,” was voted NME’s song of the year for ’12, with their debut album “180” following shortly thereafter.
Robert Palmer1985 - 1988 
Riptide catches Robert Palmer at his cool synth-Rock peak.
Panic Channel2006 -  
Panic Channel refers to a state of panic induced by the world media, explained guitarist Dave Navarro.
Panic! At The Disco2005 -  
Having written three songs, Panic! At The Disco recorded two of them and sent the demos to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz who decided to sign them to his relatively new Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen label.
Pantera scored their first success with Cowboys From Hell.
Papa Roach2000 -  
Of the four members of Papa Roach only guitarist Jerry Horton came from a two-parent family.
Paper Tongues2010 -  
Paper Tongues Rap/Rock is agile and light on its feet.
Paramore2006 -  
Seeing Paramore perform only once, Fueled By Ramen's John Janick decided to sign the group.
Graham Parker1976 - 1980 
Graham Parker And The Rumour's class-conscious debut album and sophomore set were hits with the critics; not so much with the public.
Parquet Courts2012 -  
Parquet Courts received acclaim from both the DIY underground and mainstream Rock press.
Alan Parsons Project1980 - 1982 
Given his background with thematic productions it was only a matter of time before Alan Parsons teamed up with vocalist Eric Woolfson and a revolving group of musicians, including ex-Hollie Allan Clarke and ex-Zombie Colin Blunstone, to create his own concept albums.
Parts & Labor2006 -  
Parts & Labor are unapologetic noise merchants. Their songs go in fits and starts (mostly fits) as they slam together electronic noise, scattered melodies, vocals sunk in the mix and incongruous rhythms.
Passion Pit2009 -  
Passion Pit originally consisted of Berklee College of Music students and Michael Angelakos, who went to nearby Emerson, also located on Boston's Boylston Street.
Pavement1992 - 1999 
Pavement is a post-Grunge strum and jangle outfit leaning on quirky twists and turns.
Pearl Jam1991 -  
Given their fractured beginning, who would have suspected that Pearl Jam would be the last Grunge band standing?
Pennywise1997 -  
Pennywise is politics (liberal) with the standard don't mess with us attitude.
Perfect Pussy2014 -  
Meredith Graves, frontwoman for Perfect Pussy, a Punk band from Syracuse, NY knows how to get to people.
Carl Perkins1956 - 1958 
Blue Suede Shoes is Carl Perkins' legacy. But there's more.
Joe Perry Project1979 -  
The Joe Perry Project was launched just prior to Perry's departure from Aerosmith.
Steve Perry1984 - 1994 
It safe to say that without Steve Perry Journey would never have come anywhere near the phenomenal success they enjoyed.
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers1976 - 1982 
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers rolled into view in 1976.
Liz Phair1993 - 2005 
Liz Phair made a dramatic debut in '93 with the bare-bones double album Exile In Guyville.
Phantom Planet2004 -  
Early on, Phantom Planet was known for having actor Jason Schwartzman on drums.
Phish1988 -  
Not many bands have tried to replicate The Dead's long strange trip but the most successful was Phish.
Phoenix2005 -  
Phoenix plays music boyfriends can tolerate, if not appreciate.
Pierce The Veil2007 -  
Pierce The Veil's third album was their first with Fearless Records.
Kate Pierson2015 -  
Kate Pierson was one of the founding members of the B-52s.
Pink Floyd1973 - 1975 
Named after Bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, Pink Floyd was founded by Syd Barrett.
Pink Spiders2006 -  
The Pink Spiders were named one of the 100 Bands You Need To Know In 2006.
Pixies1988 - 1992 
Onstage the Pixies were a bit of a spectacle.
Plain White T's2002 -  
Plain White T's sound like Blink-182 but with a pop radiance rather than sneering, sarcastic vocals.
Robert Plant1988 -  
When a group disbands it's usually the lead singer that has the most prosperous career. While that proved true with Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant it was hardly a slam-dunk.
Born in New York (3/28/68), Annie Danielewski changed her name to Poe at the ripe old age of ten.
Poison1986 - 1990 
Poison's best single is Unskinny Bop.
Police1978 - 1983 
At the beginning of '77, ex-school teacher Gordon Sumner a.k.a. Sting (so named for his fondness for a black and yellow stripped jersey he constantly wore) and Stewart Copeland began the Police with guitarist Henri Padovani.
Pomegranates2008 -  
Pomegranates are an indie Rock band from Cincinnati, OH.
Ponys2004 - 2005 
The Chicago based Ponys came together when guitarist/singer Jered Gummere convinced girlfriend/bassist Melissa Elias to start a group.
Pop Evil2011 -  
Pop Evil released In The Big House, which lifted lyrics from the University of Michigan fight song.
Iggy Pop And The Stooges1969 - 1972 
If self abuse were the sole criteria for Rock greatness, Iggy Pop would be king.
Porcupine Tree1995 -  
Steven Wilson started Porcupine Tree as a joke.
Posies1990 - 1998 
The Posies debut was the ironically titled Failure.
The Postelles2010 -  
The Postelles have the cheery, uptempo sound with My Sharona pulsating through their veins.
Grace Potter And The Nocturnals2007 -  
Grace Potter works the same fertile field as Susan Tedeschi. And like Tedeschi, Potter's Blues/Soul laced vocals can be intimate or fiery.
Potty Mouth2013 -  
With the exception of singer/guitarist Abby Weems, who was recruited from the local Punk scene, Potty Mouth band members attended Smith College.
Powderfinger1994 -  
Powderfinger started as a trio taking their name from a Neil Young song.
Power Station1985 - 1986 
Taking a break from Duran Duran, guitarist John Taylor and bassist Andy Taylor formed Power Station with former Chic drummer Tony Thompson and bubbling under singer Robert Palmer.
Powerman 5000  
Mike with Powerman 5000 incorporated funk and rap elements. In early '89 the 12-inch single Much Evil was released under the MC Spider banner.
Presidents Of The United States Of America1995 - 1996 
The Presidents of the United States didn't stay long but they were fun while they were around.
Elvis Presley1955 - 1958 
Elvis Presley was the Rock 'n' Roll prototype.
Elvis Presley (post Army)1968 - 1972 
It wasn't until the movie/soundtrack revenues showed a steep decline that Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker, sought another money source. He settled on TV. He signed Presley to appear in a December special on NBC.
Elvis Presley1968 - 1972 
Elvis was one of the most dynamic, if not the most dynamic, performer of the last century.
The Pretenders1980 - 1986 
Had the Pretenders gone no further than their '84 CD Learning To Crawl (which almost happened) they would have accomplished a lot.
The Pretty Reckless2010 -  
When producer Kato Khandwala paired Taylor Momsen, the Gossip Girl actress and singer, with guitarist Ben Phillips that was the beginning of The Pretty Reckless.
Priests2014 -  
D.C. Punk band Priests were invited by Pitchfork media to play a showcase in Brooklyn-sponsored by the footwear company Dr. Martens.
Primal Scream1991 - 1997 
Primal Scream would be a great name for a Punk band. But it's the moniker of an Alt. Rock outfit from Glasgow.
Primus1991 - 1997 
Primus comes off like a funky Rush but instead of science fiction themes there are the streetwise ramblings of a jokester, who obviously has a loose screw or two.
Prince1979 - 2016 
The difference between '70s Funk master Rick James and Prince came down to adaptability.
Former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters virtuoso David Grohl made a Metal album
Procol Harum1967 - 1969 
The song A Whiter Shade Of Pale is what Procol Harum is remembered for.
Protest The Hero2005 -  
Some bands have bad luck in certain cities. For Protest The Hero that place was Salt Lake City.
Protomartyr2012 -  
Protomartyr is the story of the Butt Babies and how a duo became a group.
Psychedelic Furs1981 - 1990 
The Psychedelic Furs, a post-Punk/New Wave band, was founded by brothers, Richard and Tim Butler.
Public Image Ltd.1978 - 1984 
When the Sex Pistols imploded Johhny Rotten went back to being John Lydon and founded Public Image Ltd.
Puddle Of Mudd2002 -  
For '03's Life On Display Puddle Of Mudd kicks it out on several tracks including opener Away From Me.
Pulp1994 - 1995 
Pulp hit their creative and commercial peak with Different Class, which topped the U.K. album chart.
Pussy Riot2012 -  
Pussy Riot, a little known Russian female Punk band staged a political protest that resulted in charges of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.
 Rockin'Artist Bios Q R
 Artist Prime Years 
Queens Of The Stone Age1997 - 2007 
One group that has successfully shifted members, around guitarist/singer Josh Homme, is Queens Of The Stone Age.
Queensryche1983 - 2009 
Formed around lead singer Geoff Tate, Queensryche produced a self-financed album entitled Queen Of The Ryche.
Queen1975 - 1980 
After the contracts were signed, the record company exec must have walked away thinking Queen would either make millions or crash big time.
Quiet Riot1983 - 1987 
Quiet Riot got together in the mid-70s with vocalist Kevin DuBrow, future Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads, bassist Kellie Garni and drummer Drew Forsyth.
R.E.M.1982 - 2011 
R.E.M. got together in the spring of '80 with University of Georgia students Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Bill Berry and Michael Stipe.
REO Speedwagon  
REO Speedwagon released several albums before they decided to ride the Rock ballad wave with Keep On Lovin' You & Take It On The Run.
RNDM2012 -  
Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament launched a side project called RNDM (pronounced 'random').
Ra Ra Riot2008 -  
Ra Ra Riot is not a riot. They are closer to Arcade Fire but with a stronger pop leaning.
The Raconteurs2004 -  
The Raconteurs are Jack White, Brendon Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler.
Radiohead1993 -  
Radiohead's '93 debut Pablo Honey contained their breakthrough song Creep.
Rage Against The Machine1992 - 2000 
Rage Against The Machine originated in Orange County back in '91.
Rainbow 1976 - 1981 
Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore hung with Rainbow about as long as he did Deep Purple. And while his time with Rainbow had its moments it doesn't compare with his Purple work.
Bonnie Raitt1987 - 1990 
In '86, Bonnie Raitt was dropped by her label, Warner Brother's Records, following the completion of her ninth album.
Ramones1974 - 1979 
As Rock was taking itself too seriously (happens every now and then and should be avoided at all costs), the Ramones came along with two minute high-energy blasts.
When Operation Ivy bit the dust, Armstrong and Freeman teamed with drummer Brett Reed to form Rancid.
Rare Earth1970 - 1972 
The group was signed to Motown subsidiary Rare Earth and adopted the name.
Ratt1984 - 1988 
Ratt rolled out of L.A. and if they are remembered at all, it's for Round and Round.
The Raveonettes2003 -  
The Copenhagen duo of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo used Pro Tools and drew from influences as varied as Buddy Holly, Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth, to create their debut, the eight-track Whip It On.
Razorlight2004 -  
Razorlight started as a partnership of vocalist/guitarist Johnny Borrell and guitarist/vocalist Bjorn Agnen.
Real Estate2009 -  
It was a pleasant surprise when Real Estate's self-titled debut album received a favorable review from Pitchfork Media.
Jay Reatard2006 - 2010 
Blood Visions, is the album that launched Jay Reatard to the head of the lo-fi class.
Red Dragon Cartel2014 -  
Red Dragon Cartel was founded by Jake E. Lee, guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and Badlands.
Red Hot Chili Peppers1984 -  
Though the Red Hot Chili Peppers' nucleus formed at L.A.'s Fairfax High School in the late '70s, only drummer Jack Irons was a local native.
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus2006 -  
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have a keen pop sense with Emo leanings to make them relatable.
Red Sun Rising2015 -  
Red Sun Rising landed a deal with Razor & Tie Records which led to their '15 album Polyester Zeal.
Red2006 -  
Red, a Nashville post-Grunge Christian Metal band, sat at #2 on the Billboard Album Chart with their third set Until We Have Faces.
Lou Reed1971 - 1975 
Hailing from Freeport, Long Island, and born with the moniker Louis Firbank, Reed became a founding member of the influential, if not commercially successful, Velvet Underground.
Refused1994 - 1998 
Refused reached a career peak with their third album The Shape Of Punk To Come.
Relient K2004 -  
Relient K (named after the Chrysler Plymouth) hailed from Canton, OH.
Rembrandts1991 - 1993 
The Rembrandts (Danny Wilde and Phil Solem) had a minor hit with the brooding mid-tempo, Just The Way It Is, Baby.
Remy Zero1996 - 2001 
Rolling out of Birmingham, AL, Remy Zero released their self-titled debut in '96.
The Rentals1995 -  
The Rentals, a band fronted by former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp, are best known for the single Friends Of P.
The Replacements1981 - 1990 
Often remembered as Paul Westerberg's group before he embarked on a modest but intriguing solo career, the Replacements were a significant '80s band, though not all that commercially successful.
With a Punk/Rock/Dance sound, Republica hit pay dirt with the single Ready To Go from their self-titled debut album.
Paul Revere & The Raiders1965 - 1967 
Paul Revere started out as a barber, but with long hair becoming stylish, he switched to operating a fast food restaurant. It was there that he met Mark Lindsey who delivered the bread.
Randy Rhoads1980 - 1982 
In '81, Rhoads was voted Best New Talent by the readers of Guitar Player magazine and Best Heavy Metal Guitarist by the readers of UK-based Sounds magazine.
Keith Richards1969 - 1974 
Mick Jagger may be the Rolling Stones frontman but guitarist Keith Richards is the band's soul.
The Rides2013 -  
The Rides are a perfect mix of generations where three musicians who love and play the Blues collide and that goes beyond all our other individual life experiences, enthused guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd.
Rilo Kiley2001 -  
Rilo Kiley takes a darker, tougher turn on Under The Blacklight. It's also the group's most stylistically diverse effort to date.
Rise Against2001 -  
Rise Against began life operating under the name Transistor Revolt.
Rise To Remain2010 - 2015 
London Metalcore band Rise To Remain was named Best New Band at the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards.
Rising West2012 -  
Queensryche's Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren teamed up with Crimson Glory singer Todd La Torre to form Rising West.
Rival Sons2009 -  
Rival Sons might be better named Revival Sons, given their penchant for channeling '60s and '70s Rock, especially Led Zeppelin.
Johnny Rivers1965 - 1967 
Johnny Rivers is best remembered for the rollicking Secret Agent Man even though Poor Side Of Town charted higher (#1).
Robbie Robertson1978 -  
With his solo recording career dormant for nearly thirteen years Robbie Robertson laid down tracks for How To Become Clairvoyant.
Rock Star Supernova 
Rock Star Supernova owes its existence to three dubious elements: corporate Rock, the supergroup concept and American Idol.
Rockpile1979 - 1981 
Rockpile's official debut album was Seconds Of Pleasure.
Rogers Sisters2002 -  
Detroit natives Jennifer (vocals/guitar) and Laura Rogers (drums/backing vocals) moved to New York to advance their music careers.
Rogue Wave2004 -  
With each effort, Rogue Wave has kicked up the energy moving from the background to foreground.
Ed Roland And The Sweet Tea Project2012 -  
Ed Roland And The Sweet Tea Project, featuring the Collective Soul frontman, rolled out their debut album in '13.
Rolling Stones1965 - 1975 
The Rolling Stones were called the World's Greatest Rock n' Roll Band before they actually achieved that status and long after they'd lost it.
Henry Rollins Band1987 - 1990 
The Washington, D.C. native started the Henry Rollins Band teaming with Chris Haskett (guitar), Simeon Cain (drums) and Andrew Weiss (bass), who was later replaced by Melvin Gibbs.
The Romantics were more fun and exciting than many of their Midwest contemporaries (Styx, REO Speedwagon, etc.).
Linda Ronstadt 1971 - 1977 
Linda Ronstadt's career served dual purposes. She updated and re-popularized some great tunes and she gave exposure to her struggling contemporaries.
Axl Rose1987 - 1993 
I won't pray to God to talk to Axl because if God tried to talk to Axl, he'd make Him wait.
Rose Hill Drive2006 -  
Rose Hill Drive formed with brothers Jacob & Daniel Sproul, and high school friend Nathan Barnes.
Gavin Rossdale2008 -  
In some circles, Gavin Rossdale is known primarily as Gwen Stefani's ex-husband.
David Lee Roth 
At an early age Roth was diagnosed as hyperactive.
Roxy Music1976 - 1982 
Avalon with the title track, Take A Chance With Me, and the stunning More Than This represents Roxy Music's penultimate work thanks to flawless arrangements and exquisite production.
Royal Bangs2008 -  
The Royal Bangs are a garage band at heart; and a very good one at that.
Royal Blood2014 -  
Following the release of their second single, Little Monster, Royal Blood unfurled their self-titled debut album.
Runaways1976 - 1979 
The Runaways were the first all-female Rock group.
Rush1980 -  
Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer John Rutsey formed Rush in '69 as a Hard Rock covers band.
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels1966 - 1967 
Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels were formed by R&B singer William Levise Jr.