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 Artist Prime Years 
Eagles Of Death Metal2004 - 2008 
T-Rex, Sweet, Slade, Mott The Hopple and the New York Dolls are evoked by the Eagles Of Death Metal, who sound neither like the Eagles or Death Metal.
The Eagles1972 -  
The Very Best of the Eagles LP has everything an Eagles fan could want.
Eastern Anchors2012 -  
Eastern Anchors started as a quartet with Walter Greene and Dave Urbano.
Echo & The Bunnymen1980 - 1987 
Echo & The Bunnymen had a great run from their from their debut to their self-titled fifth album.
Econoline Crush1994 - 2001 
Econoline Crush made their recording debut with Purge in '94.
Duane Eddy 
It was so simple in the ‘50s. The head of a record label loaded up the trunk of his office, usually a Cadillac, with boxes of 45s and hit the road with his star attraction seated next to him.
The Edge1982 - 1988 
Having something to do with the shape of his head, David Evans was christened The Edge by U2 band mate Paul Hewson a.k.a. Bono Vox.
Dave Edmunds1971 - 1972 
Producer, singer, songwriter, Dave Edmunds seemed a throwback to Rock n' Roll's happier days.
Eels1996 -  
E formed the Eels with bassist Tommy Walter and drummer Butch Norton before moving to Dreamworks.
Egypt Central2008 -  
Egypt Central, a Memphis based group originally known as Lotus Effect, was started by John Falls.
Electric Light Orchestra1976 - 1980 
E.L.O.'s early principals were ex-Move member Roy Wood, guitarist Jeff Lynne and drummer Bev Bevan.
Electric Prunes 
Even in an era of Blues Magoos, Strawberry Alarm Clock and Iron Butterfly not to mention soul mate Led Zeppelin, the name Electric Prunes stood out as a ridiculous.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer1971 - 1973 
ELP was a semi-supergroup with the three members coming from bands that while known, had failed to break through. So this was their chance. Emerson came from the Nice, guitarist/bassist Greg Lake had been in the King Crimson and heavy duty drummer Carl Palmer did time in the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Atomic Rooster.
Emmure2007 -  
Emmure's Frankie Palmeri (and to some extent the band) had a knack for stirring the pot.
Sully Erna2010 -  
Sully Erna's Avalon is nothing like Godsmack.
Escape The Fate2006 -  
Escape The Fate's self-titled third album was a career best.
Melissa Etheridge1992 -  
Etheridge got her first guitar at age eight and soon began writing songs.
Evanescence2003 -  
Working under the name Evanescence, meaning a dissipation or disappearance like vapors, Amy Lee and Ben Moody even took a shot at romance, managing to become briefly engaged before backing away.
Eve 61998 - 2004 
Eve 6, more power pop than Punk, injected literate lyrics into their songs.
Everclear1997 - 2003 
So Much For The Afterglow arrived in '97 firmly establishing Everclear with the sarcastic I Will Buy You A New Life and the angst-ridden Father of Mine.
Everly Brothers1957 - 1960 
Kentucky born Everly Brothers, Phil and Don, had begun performing together on their parents' radio program.
Every Time I Die2001 -  
After four albums, Every Time I Die, a Metalcore band from Buffalo, NY announced they'd signing with the Epitaph imprint.
Ex Hex2014 -  
Mary Timony thought Ex Hex would be a great name for a Punk power trio.
The Exies2002 -  
The Exies were eventually signed by major label, Virgin, and spent a good part of '02 writing and recording Inertia with producer Matt Serletic. The Exies were signed by major label, Virgin, and spent a good part of '02 writing and recording Inertia with producer Matt Serletic.
Extreme1989 - 1995 
Surveying Extreme's back catalog, the best place to start is Extreme II Pornograffitti.
 Rockin'Artist Bios F
 Artist Prime Years 
FFS2015 -  
Franz Ferdinand and Sparks appeared to have little in common, except a mutual admiration.
FIDLAR2012 -  
FIDLAR's sophomore set got a lengthy positive write-up in Rolling Stone magazine in their New Artist section.
Fabian 1957 - 1958 
Grossly under estimating Presley's talent and scope, they simply looked for young men with smoldering good looks. Fabian Forte fit the bill.
Fabulous Thunderbirds1986 - 1988 
The Fabulous Thunderbirds single Tuff Enuff peaked at #10 on the Billboard chart.
The Faceless2006 -  
The Faceless released three albums and went through a dozen-and-a-half members.
Faces1970 - 1973 
The Faces recruited guitarist Ron Wood, whose most recent gig was bass in the Jeff Beck Group. A good start, but the band still needed a vocalist. As the wheels totally came off the Beck Group, vocalist Rod Stewart was available.
Failure1992 - 1996 
Failure, an L.A. Alt. Rock band, had multi-instrumentalists Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards.
Faith No More1990 - 1995 
Remembered in the U.S. for the song Epic, and a couple other tracks, Faith No More managed to build a large following internationally.
Fall Out Boy2002 - 2009 
Fall Out Boy plays muscular yet melodic and engaging Punk.
Fastball1996 - 1998 
Fastball's second album All The Pain Money Can Buy is their best.
Fear And The Nervous System2011 -  
Fear And The Nervous System's experimental/industrial Rock was recorded in Hollywood over a couple years.
Fear Factory1995 -  
Fear Factory's second album was considered the band's defining work.
Fight Or Flight2013 -  
When Disturbed went on hiatus in '11, Dan Donegan began writing songs which eventually led to the formation of Fight Or Flight.
Filter1995 - 2008 
Filter's angst overload got off to a strong start with Short Bus.
Finch2002 - 2005 
Finch released their debut EP Falling Into Place with What It Is To Burn arriving in early '03.
Finger Eleven2000 -  
Finger Eleven is a good name but it's no Rainbow Butt Monkeys, the band's original name.
Craig Finn2012 -  
Craig Finn lived in the Minneapolis area before relocating to New York City. As a result he blended Midwest sensibilities with big city angst.
Firm, The 
Combine Led Zeppelin's incredible guitarist, Jimmy Page with Bad Company's outstanding vocalist, Paul Rodgers and you have The Firm.
Fistful Of Mercy2010 -  
As I Call You Down, is Fistful Of Mercy's debut.
Fitz And The Tantrums2010 -  
I did want to try and make a big sounding record without guitars, said Michael Fitzpatrick of Fitz And The Tantrums Soul-influenced indie pop.
Five Finger Death Punch2008 -  
Five Finger Death Punch has Zoltan Bathory (great name-he was born in Hungary).
The Fixx1982 - 1985 
Their angular Brit pop-Wave sound and Cy Curnin's energetically urgent vocals are main reasons The Fixx were successful.
Flaming Lips1983 -  
These were not normal guys from normal families - you're talking about freaks, a one-time Flaming Lips manager famously stated.
Fleetwood Mac1975 - 1985 
Fleetwood Mac and Rumours were among the '70s most popular albums and for good reason.
Florence + The Machine2009 -  
Florence Welch can soar like Grace Slick then deliver Annie Lennox edginess.
Brandon Flowers2010 -  
With The Killers on a break, Brandon Flowers issued his solo album.
Flying Colors2012 -  
The Flying Colors member with the most impressive pedigree was Mike Portnoy.
Flying Machines2010 -  
Flying Machines possess strong pop sensibilities.
Flyleaf2006 -  
Flyleaf's aggressive Rock, laced with acidic lyrics, made a lot of noise in their home state of Texas.
Foals2008 -  
A New Musical Express (NME) reader's poll named Foals Holy Fire the Best Album of 2013.
Fogerty, John1973 -  
John Fogerty is among Rock's premier songwriters.
Foghat1972 - 1975 
Rolling out of Savoy Brown, Dave Peverett, Tony Stevens and Roger Earl added Rod Price to create Foghat.
Foo Fighters1996 -  
Foo Fighter's frontman David Grohl has gone a long way to be remembered for more than simply being Nirvana's drummer.
Foreigner1978 - 1983 
Prior to Foreigner 4, the group's high water mark, Foreigner had undergone a major pairing down.
Foster The People2011 -  
Pumped Up Kicks reached #1 on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart and #4 on the Rock Songs chart.
Fountains Of Wayne1996 -  
Fountains Of Wayne had a hit with Stacy's Mom.
Foxboro Hot Tubs2007 -  
Foxboro Hot Tubs is Green Day (Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool) plus sidemen Jason White and Jason Freese.
Foxygen2012 -  
Foxygen landed on Jagjaguwar Records where they released their debut full-length studio album, Take The Kids Off Broadway.
Peter Frampton1976 - 1977 
Peter Frampton broke from the Herd to join Humble Pie, he also contributed his talents to George Harrison's All Things Must Pass album.
Aretha Franklin1966 - 1974 
Like many performers with a sustained career, Aretha worked in several genres including, Gospel, Soul, Rock and pop.
Franz Ferdinand2003 -  
Franz Ferdinand is a perfect example of how good Britpop can be.
Fratellis2007 -  
The Fratellis' Costello Music brings to mind the term bar room Punk.
The Fray2005 -  
The Fray sound like a Wallflowers variant or maybe they're just Train taking No-Doz.
Free Energy2010 -  
Free Energy was named one of the best new bands of 2010 by Rolling Stone magazine.
Free1968 - 1972 
Free was the band that created All Right Now.
Ace Frehley1982 -  
Frehley's Comet is the best of the guitarist's '80s material.
Glenn Frey1982 - 1984 
The Allnighter was Glenn Frey's most successful solo album going to #22 on the album chart on the strength of two Top 20 singles.
Frigid Pink1969 - 1970 
Aside from The Animals, probably the most distinctive version of House Of The Rising Sun was released by Frigid Pink.
From Ashes To Autumn2001 -  
Drummer Francis Mark co-founded From Ashes To Autumn with Steve Salvio (guitar) and Benjamin Perri (vocals).
From First To Last2004 -  
There is something to be said for just slamming chords and letting 'er rip, which is exactly what From First To Last does on Heroine.
John Frusciante2001 - 2005 
John Frusciante came to the attention of the Red Hot Chili Peppers following the death (heroin overdose) of original guitarist Hillel Slovak.
Fuel1998 -  
The '98 single Shimmer broke Fuel.
Fun2009 -  
fun.'s We Are Young topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and Alternative Songs.
When Futureheads began, they were a trio consisting of Hyde, Jaff and drummer Pete Brewis.