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 Rockin'Artist Bios C
 Artist Prime Years 
Caesars2003 - 2005 
Lead singer Cesar Vidal and guitarist Joakim Ahlund, childhood schoolmates, launched the band for fun.
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band1983 - 1985 
John Cafferty's claim to fame was an unbelievable knack for nailing Springsteen's vocal style.
Cage The Elephant2009 -  
Cage The Elephant occupy a space between the Kings Of Leon and The Killers.
Cake1999 - 2001 
Cake's debut Motorcade Of Generosity is good but sophomore effort Fashion Nuggets is better.
California Breed2014 -  
Forty-eight years after Cream became the first power-trio supergroup, California Breed proved the concept was still viable.
The Calling 
The Calling started in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley area when guitarist Aaron Kamin was dating vocalist Alex Band's sister.
Camper Van Beethoven1986 - 1989 
Camper Van Beethoven's debut album was notable for the college radio hit Take The Skinheads Bowling.
Candlebox1993 - 1998 
Candlebox considered themselves a Rock n' Roll band.
Candlemass1986 -  
Candlemass has sold more than fifteen million albums worldwide.
The Candles2010 -  
Had The Candles released Between The Sounds in the early '70s they would have fit snugly between Jackson Browne and The Eagles.
Canned Heat 
Formed in LA in '66 around Bob The Bear Hite (harmonica/vocals) and Al Blind Owl Wilson (guitar/harmonica/vocals), Canned Heat took its name from a 1928 Tommy Johnson song.
Freddy Cannon1960 - 1963 
Cannon usually got lumped in with the teen-idols of the era despite of the fact that he had a powerful voice and could kick it out when the time came.
Jerry Cantrell1990 -  
Cantrell's debut solo album, Boogie Depot, dropped in '98.
The Cars1978 - 1984 
The Cars debut album and Heartbreak City are their ultimate studio albums.
Johnny Cash 
Johnny Cash is the only person elected to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.
Rosanne Cash1980 - 1989 
Rosanne Cash and Carlene Carter are inexorably linked.
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds1984 -  
After stints in The Boys Next Door and The Birthday Party, Nick Cave formed The Bad Seeds.
Cave In 
The name Cave In sounds like it belongs to a post-Grunge, Thrash Alt. Rock group and that's what they were.
Cavo2009 -  
Being from the no-frills Midwest, Cavo clearing understands mainstream Rock.
Ceremony2006 -  
The Bay Area band dropped the Violent World moniker to become Ceremony.
Jimmy Chamberlin Complex2005 - 2005 
Former Jazz drummer Jimmy Chamberlin was stickman for Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan.
Chambers Brothers  
The psychedelic guitars with a great riff, the cow bell and wails made Time As Come Today totally unique. The song has aged better than most of its contemporaries.
Ray Charles1954 - 1964 
At the ripe old age of 27 Ray Charles was signed by Atlantic Records, which had made a name for itself as the home of R&B.
Charli XCX2013 -  
Boom Clap, by British singer Charli XCX (Charlotte Emma Aitchison), became her first Billboard Top 10 (#8) hit.
Charm City Devils2009 -  
Deciding to chuck the drums in favor of being a frontman, John Allen holed up in his Baltimore basement studio to put together Charm City Devils.
Cheap Trick1978 - 1982 
On April 2, 1978, Cheap Trick performed at Tokyo's Budokan Hall before a wildly enthusiastic audience.
Chelsea Light Moving2013 -  
Chelsea Light Moving's self-titled debut album was issued in March, '13.
Chester French2009 -  
Chester French issued Love The Future featuring the single She Loves Everybody - a song promoting safe sex that was initially distributed in a limited edition condom package.
Chevelle1999 -  
Chevelle relied on a thunderous raw Metal guitar to drive the songs home.
The idea of marrying Rock and Jazz (a combination not made in heaven) had been kicked around for awhile when Chicago Transit Authority left their Midwest home for L A
Chickenfoot2009 -  
Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony (both ex-Valen) added guitarist Joe Satriani (solo, G3 and Deep Purple) and drummer Chad Smith (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) to form Chickenfoot.
Children Of Bodom2002 -  
Children Of Bodom, a Metal/Death Metal outfit, can blast and rail with anyone but they also deliver majestic riffs and high drama.
China Crisis1982 - 1989 
Listeners of College or Modern Rock radio in the mid-'80s likely remember China Crisis.
The Church 
The Church, though popular in their native Australia, had a tougher time in the States due in large part to their often diverse, free-form approach.
Chvrches2013 -  
Having received accolades from the U.K. music press and completed a stint opening for Depeche Mode, Chvrches released their debut studio album.
Cinderella1986 - 1990 
Cinderella owes its career to being in the right place at the right time and to the marketing power of MTV.
Circa Survive2005 -  
AnthonyGreen hooked up with his friend, guitarist Colin Frangicetto, and they launched Circa Survive.
Circa Zero2013 -  
The name Circa Zero reflected a new beginning or fresh start-- without any definitive musical agenda.
Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah2005 -  
Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah (CYHSY) is Post-Punk with its heart on its sleeve.
Eric Clapton1966 - 1971 
Since the mid-60s, regardless of the group, Eric Clapton was the focal point.
The Clash1977 - 1982 
The Clash showed considerable musical range for a group labeled as a Punk band.
Cliver2016 -  
Me Talk Pretty had a brief recording career before making personnel changes and reemerging as Cliver.
Cloud Nothings2010 -  
Cloud Nothings' third full-length set, Attack On Memory, was produced by Steve Albini.
Coal Chamber1997 -  
Coal Chamber found success with their self-titled debut.
Kurt Cobain1990 - 1994 
With the vacant deep blue eyes and that haunting look (heroin will do that to you), Kurt Cobain was the poster boy of the Grunge sound.
Eddie Cochran1957 - 1960 
Rock-A-Billy master Eddie Cochran is known for Summertime Blues, and C'mon Everybody and the incredible Twenty Flight Rock.
Joe Cocker1969 - 1971 
Joe Cocker was a throwback. He did covers when everyone else wrote their own songs. While everyone was in a group Cocker was a solo act.
Cocktail Slippers2007 -  
The Oslo based Cocktail Slippers issued their debut album in '02.
Coheed & Cambria2003 -  
Coheed & Cambria have been called a kinder, gentler Mars Volta.
Cold War Kids2007 -  
The Cold War Kids are from Fullerton, CA.
Coldplay2000 -  
Coldplay often gets compared to the likes of Radiohead.
Cold2000 - 2005 
Cold released 13 Ways To Bleed Onstage and Year of the Spider albums.
Collective Soul1994 -  
Collective Soul featured a number of Modern Rock/pop singles.
Comets On Fire2004 -  
Two years after the group's formation, Comets On Fire released their self-titled full-length debut.
David Cook2008 -  
How the Houston born/Blue Springs, MO, raised Cook wound up on American Idol was one of those happy accidents. Cook had been the lead singer/guitarist with Axium, a high school band that had gone pro.
The Coral2005 - 2005 
NME praised The Coral extensively in fall 2001, proclaiming them the best new band in England.
Billy Corgan2005 - 2005 
Using backing musicians, including former Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, Billy Corgan released his solo debut, TheFutureEmbrace.
Chris Cornell2007 -  
A Seattle native, born Christopher John Boyle (he and his siblings took their mother's maiden name when their parents divorced), started as a drummer (just like Kurt Cobain) before vaulting to the forefront.
Corrosion Of Conformity1985 -  
Corrosion Of Conformity's fourth effort, Deliverance, was their commercial breakthrough.
Elvis Costello1978 - 1982 
After seeing Nick Lowe perform, Elvis Costello decided to start his own group, Flip City.
Counting Crows1993 - 1996 
Many of the Counting Crows' best known songs are on August And Everything After.
Courteeners2010 -  
While there is an occasional electric guitar flourish, the Courteeners play acoustic oriented Brit Rock.
Cracker1992 - 1998 
Cracker's self-titled debut had Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now) which went to #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks.
Cranberries1990 - 1991 
Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We and No Need To Argue present the Cranberries guitar driven, Celtic influenced Rock in the most favorable light.
Crash Kings2010 -  
Crash Kings are a pop-Rock band with a finely honed sense of melody.
Crash Test Dummies1991 - 1995 
The Crash Test Dummies was one of those quirky bands that roll out of Canada every now and then.
Crazy Town 
That could pass as the Crazy Town story with Butterfly-a track sampled from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown1968 - 1968 
Amidst all the turmoil, Fire, performed by the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, became an unlikely pop hit.
Cream1967 - 1969 
Cream was probably the world's first supergroup.
Creedence Clearwater Revival1969 - 1971 
In a world populated by Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival might seem a little boring. Don't be fooled.
Creed1997 - 2009 
Creed's debut My Own Prison played like a greatest hits collection.
The Cribs2003 -  
The Cribs have a loose, put-down Rock, in the style of the Vines or Libertines.
Crosby, Stills & Nash1969 -  
Supergroups rarely live up to the hype. Expectations are way out of line. People assume, often wrongly, that the group's new sound will be a synthesis of past accomplishments.
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  
Realizing they needed a little more musical muscle for touring - Stills was a great guitarist and Crosby played rhythm guitar - they recruited Neil Young and installed the rhythm section of Dallas Taylor and Greg Reeves.
Crossfade2002 -  
With rough hewn vocals and tight, forceful guitars, Crossfade blends Nu Metal and Grunge on their self-titled debut.
Sheryl Crow1993 -  
In limbo, trying to put together another album, Sheryl Crow was invited to an informal mid-week jam session called the Tuesday Night Music Club, a name she lifted for her '93 CD.
Cult Of Luna2001 -  
Cult Of Luna released their self-titled, full-length, Doom Metal debut three years after forming.
The Cult1984 - 1987 
In The Cult, the core is vocalist Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy.
Rivers Cuomo1995 -  
Cuomo, a vegetarian, grew up on an ashram (religious commune) and went to private schools.
The Cure1985 - 1992 
Wish became The Cure's highest-charting LP of all time, reaching #1 in the U.K. and #2 in the U.S.
Some performers, like Custom, have adopted a group persona but dumped the group dynamic.
Cut Off Your Hands2006 -  
The term 'indie power-pop' exactly defines Cut Off Your Hands.
Cymbals Eat Guitars2011 -  
Cymbals Eat Guitars' third studio effort, was frontman Joseph D'Agostino's contemplation of growing up in New Jersey along with recollections of the passing, years earlier, of a close friend.
 Rockin'Artist Bios D
 Artist Prime Years 
D Generation1991 - 1997 
Ex-Heart Attack vocalist Jesse Malin started D Generation in '91 with bassist Howie Pyro and guitarist Richard (Rick) Bacchus.
Dada1992 - 1994 
The trio Dada (named after the early 20th century art movement that rebelled against stale cultural conventions) hit with their parody of the ubiquitous Disneyland commercials.
Dick Dale1962 - 1964 
Misirlou, Dick Dale's best-known song, showed up in Pulp Fiction and was the perfect capper to the opening scene.
Brody Dalle2014 -  
Brody Dalle, former frontwoman for The Distillers, announced she was working on a solo effort and later signed with Caroline Records.
Damageplan released their debut New Found Power in early '04.
Damn Yankees1990 - 1992 
Damn Yankees embarked on a year-and-a-half world tour which coincided with the Persian Gulf War (not that they were in any way responsible).
Damned Things2009 -  
Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley teamed with Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and vocalist Keith Buckley for Damned Things.
The Damned1979 - 1986 
Having morphed into a Goth Rock group, The Damned released The Black Album.
Dandy Warhols1997 -  
Former Beauty Stab drummer Courtney Taylor-Taylor launched the Dandy Warhols in Portland, OR.
Danzig1988 - 1994 
Vocalist Glenn Danzig and his band; guitarist John Christ (perfect last name for a guy in a demonic band), bassist Ernie Von (pretty pedestrian name) and drummer Chuck Biscults (later replaced by Joey Castillo) formed in L.A.
Dark New Day2005 - 2012 
Dark New Day members came from opening bands, second stage festival acts and occupiers of the Rock charts lower reaches. The lone exception was Clint Lowery of Sevendust.
The Darkness2003 -  
The Darkness should be the name of a Goth-Metal act not a group reviving the Mott The Hoople ethos.
Dashboard Confessional2001 -  
Chris Carrabba, the Florida-based singer/songwriter created the acoustic oriented Dashboard Confessional because he didn't want a group named after himself or be seen as a solo.
Daughtry2006 -  
Daughtry was the third most successful American Idol contestant.
Dave Clark Five1964 - 1966 
The London based DC5 got together in the early 60's in the hopes of raising money for their football club so they could play some matches on the continent.
Dave Matthews Band1995 -  
Under The Table And Dreaming, composed entirely by Dave Matthews, was the Dave Matthews Band's major label debut.
Dawes2009 -  
Dawes' North Hills sounds like Crosby, Stills and Nash with all the lead vocals handled by Stephen Stills.
Days Of The New1998 - 1999 
Blowing out of their native Charlestown, IN, and settling in Louisville, KY, school chums Travis Meeks (vocalist), Jesse Vest (bassist) and Matt Taul (drummer) founded Days Of The New.
Dead By Sunrise2009 -  
Before becoming Dead By Sunrise, the band called themselves Snow White Tan.
The Dead Daisies2012 -  
The Dead Daisies were the first western rock band to play Cuba since the Obama administration reopened trade ties.
Dead Kennedys1980 - 1986 
Dead Kennedys were revolutionary group with an abundance of causes but hardly any audience.
The Dead Weather2009 -  
The Dead Weather released their debut Horehound, with the single Hang You From The Heavens.
Death Angel1990 -  
Death Angel's major label debut fused elements of Funk, Thrash, Heavy Metal and acoustic guitars.
Death Cab For Cutie2000 -  
Singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard, guitarist/organist Christopher Walla (who also recorded the early DCFC sessions), bassist Nick Harmer, and drummer Nathan Good launched Death Cab For Cutie in 1997.
Death From Above 19792004 -  
The Punk duo from Toronto, who reportedly met at a Sonic Youth concert, named themselves Death From Above 1979.
Deep Purple1968 - 1975 
Early Deep Purple could be described as a combination covers band and experimental Rock.
Deerhoof1997 -  
Deerhoof seems bound and determined to invent Post-Punk Cocktail Jazz.
Def Leppard1981 - 1986 
Hysteria with six singles practically makes a Def Leppard greatest hits package moot.
Guitarist Jeremy Hora and drummer Danny Craig started the Fallout, a forerunner of Default.
Deftones1995 -  
The Deftones' Chino Moreno is one of those singers who can go from a whisper to a scream within a breath.
Delaney and Bonnie & Friends 
The husband and wife team of Delaney and Bonnie had been performing together since the mid '60s, working the Country/Blues vein. Since there was just the two of them, they needed backing musicians. Over a relatively brief period, Duane Allman, Dave Mason and Leon Russell contributed their talents.
Denner/Shermann2016 -  
Denner/Shermann included vocalist Sean Peck, bassist Marc Grabowski and drummer Snowy Shaw.
Derek & The Dominos1969 - 1973 
Derek & The Dominos made its debut in a London benefit concert for Dr. Benjamin Spock's Civil Liberties Defense Fund.
Rick Derringer1976 - 1977 
Rick Derringer first gained notoriety as the guitarist with the McCoys in the mid '60s.
The Descendents1982 - 1994 
The Descendents, sounded like a coffee'd-out blend of Rock-Surf-Pop-Punk music.
Device2013 -  
Just months after Disturbed went on 'hiatus', Device, a group that consisted of Disturbed frontman David Draiman and former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo, was formed.
The Devil Wears Prada2006 -  
The third album by The Devil Wears Prada, peaked at #11 on the Billboard Album Chart.
Devil You Know2014 -  
Devii You Know's debut The Beauty Of Destruction dropped in '14.
DevilDriver2005 -  
DevilDriver's The Fury Of The Maker's Hand was their first effort to land on the Billboard 200.
Diamond Nights2005 - 2005 
Diamond Nights' Popsicle is 1978 all over again.
Bo Diddley1954 - 1959 
One chord and an incredible rhythm. Born in Mississippi, Otha Ellas McDaniel moved with his family to Chicago at age eight. He got his first guitar from his sister.
Feeling the 'name/number' moniker was played out (think: Blink-182, Finger Eleven, 3 Doors Down, etc.) Flu 13 was dropped in favor of Diffuser.
Dinosaur Jr.1989 - 1993 
Dinosaur Jr. proved that Grunge was around before the whole movement coalesced around Nirvana.
Dio/Ronnie James Dio1983 - 1987 
Dio was one of Metal's most powerful vocalists.
Dion (& The Belmonts)  
From the Bronx Dion DiMucci was star material. At his first recording session the producer had brought in a group of singers for backing vocals.
Dire Straits1978 - 1985 
Dire Straights formed around a nucleus of Mark Knopfler, his brother David and bassist John Illsley.
Dirty Pretty Things 
You could almost call Dirty Pretty Things 'the Libertines'-Part II.
The Distillers2000 - 2003 
With the combination of Dalle's intense full throated vocals and the minimalist Punk approach, The Distillers strike a chord.
Disturbed2002 -  
Disturbed's vocalist David Draiman, born into a deeply religious family, rebelled.
Divine Fits2012 -  
A Thing Called Divine Fits, dropped in the summer of '12.
Pete Doherty2009 -  
Pete Doherty's Grace/Wasteland is a low-key but surprisingly melodic effort.
Dokken1984 - 2008 
Dokken featured vocalist Don Dokken and guitarist George Lynch.
Fats Domino1955 - 1958 
Starting in the late '40s as an R&B performer, Fats Domino racked up several hits.
The Donnas1997 -  
The Donnas' slam-bam Rock is undeniable.
after spending the mid-60s churning out Folk influenced pop anthems like Sunshine Superman and Mellow Yellow, Donovan, like Dylan, found Rock.
Doobie Brothers1972 - 1977 
The Doobie Brothers consistently rode the line between pop and Rock until, with a little help from Michael McDonald, they finally landed on the pop side.
The Doors1967 - 1971 
When people preached peace and love, the Doors responded with sex and violence.
Doves2000 -  
Former Sub Sub members Jimi Goodwin (bass/vocals) and the twins Jez (guitar) and Andy Williams (drums) became the Doves.
Downtown Boys2015 -  
Downtown Boys described themselves as a bilingual political dance sax Punk party.
Dr. Dog2001 -  
Dr. Dog resurrect the late-60s/early-70s and don't differentiate between kitschy and cool.
Dragonforce2003 - 2005 
Herman Li and Sam Totman's twin guitar attack define Dragonforce.
Dream Theater1992 - 2005 
Dream Theater fits in the Prog Rock category.
Drenge2013 -  
Drenge, a two-piece Grunge outfit, consists of guitarist/vocalist Eoin Loveless and his younger brother Rory, the drummer.
Drive-By Truckers2004 -  
A Blessing And A Curse stands as Drive-By Truckers best album.
Dropkick Murphys2005 -  
I'm Shipping Up To Boston, with lyrics taken from a Woody Guthrie poem, appeared on Dropkick Murphys' fifth album.
Drowners2014 -  
Welch model/singer/guitarist Matt Hitt, holed up in New York City, created a handful of demos and passed them to guitarist Jack Ridley and bassist Erik Snyder.
Drowning Pool2001 -  
Turns out the film Drowning Pool was playing in the background when Steve Benton lost his virginity.
Drummer2009 -  
Given Patrick Carney's (Black Keys) involvement it's hardly surprising that Feel Good Together is an energetic lo-fi effort.
The Drums2010 -  
The Drums have been called a power pop band but they are clearly more pop than power.
Dum Dum Girls2010 -  
Kristen Gundred, known as Dee-Dee, began recording, virtually solo, as the Dum Dum Girls.
Duran Duran1982 - 1986 
Like numerous New Romantic groups, Duran Duran is more interested in style than Rock
Bob Dylan1965 -  
In '12, Bob Dylan received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor that can be awarded to a civilian.