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Lacuna Coil

Prime Years: 2002 -

When Milian’s Goth Metal group Lacuna Coil (meaning 'empty spiral') emerged in ’94 it caught people’s attention, especially because it had female and male co-vocalists in Cristina Scabbia (contralto) and Andrea Ferro (tenor).

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August Thirty First Featured Artist

Papa Roach issue their third major-label effort, "Getting Away With Murder." Frontman Jacoby Shaddix says getting sober inspired him to write more upbeat songs. 2004
1940's  Eclectic singer Van Morrison is born in Belfast. 1945

It's guitarist Rudolf Schenker's (Scorpions) birthday. He hails from Hildesheim, Germany. 1948

1950's  Baltimore native, Regina Ann Schock, has a birthday. She’s better known as Gina Schock, drummer with the Go-Go’s. 1957

Singer-guitarist Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze) begins his life. He’s from Woolwich, South East London. 1957

1960's  Recorded virtually live in the studio The Doors finish work on their self-titled debut album. Released the following January, the classic set features "Break On Through (To The Other Side)" and “Light My Fire." 1966

Following manager Brian Epstein`s death, The Beatles announce they will handle their own business affairs. But soon control of the group`s business interests devolves into a struggle between Allen Klein (representing John, George & Ringo) and Lee and John Eastman (representing Paul). 1967

Cream`s debut album "Fresh Cream" enters the LP charts. With Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, the group is heralded as the first Rock supergroup. The album is known for "I Feel Free" and Baker`s five-minute drum solo on "Toad."1968

Guitarist Danny Kirwin joins Fleetwood Mac. 1968

Bob Dylan makes his first major concert appearance, following his motorcycle accident three years earlier, at England`s Isle of Wright Pop Festival. 1969

1970's  In federal court John Lennon testifies that the Nixon administration is trying to have him deported because of his involvement with anti-war (Vietnam) demonstrators. Also, The Rolling Stones release their worst album of the '70s, "Goat`s Head Soup." 1974

George Harrison is found guilty of "subconscious plagiarism." His "My Sweet Lord" is ruled a rip-off of the Chiffons`early `60s #1 pop hit "He`s So Fine." To add insult to injury, the Chiffons regroup and record a medley of "He`s So Fine/My Sweet Lord." No matter, Harrison's version is far superior. 1976
1980's  Pat Benatar`s "Crimes Of Passion" hits the charts. The album contains her signature song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." 1980

"Summer Of `69" peaks at #5. The Bryan Adams song seems to reminisce about younger, carefree days in a Rock group and the inevitable changes that come with growing older but actually is about a certain sexual position. There`s no tongue-in-cheek here. 1985

Divorce court. Julianne Phillips files for divorce from Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger and wife Annette file as well. 1988

The Rolling Stones launch their massive Steel Wheels tour in Philadelphia. Living Colour is the opening act. 1989
1990's  Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and Stevie Wonder sing “Amazing Grace” in Dallas at the memorial service for guitarist/singer Stevie Ray Vaughan. Vaughan was killed in a helicopter crash five days earlier. 1990
“American Idiot,” the lead single from Green Day’s album of the same name is out. The song peaks at #61 on the Billboard Hot 100 becoming the group’s first entry on that chart. The song also tops Modern Rock Tracks chart. 2004

The A&E TV series “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” premieres with Ozzy Osbourne performing the show's theme song. The reality show profiles bounty hunter Duane Chapman (a.k.a. "Dog") as he tracks down fugitives who skipped trial dates or bail. 2004

U2 and Bon Jovi are honored at the World Music Awards in Hollywood. U2 is the World's Best-Selling Rock Act while Bon Jovi receives a Diamond Award for 100 million career album sales. 2005

So what's their song, "Believe" or "Devour?" Disturbed drummer Mike Wengren asks his girlfriend to marry him during the band's show in Milwaukee. She accepts. The couple met in that fair city. 2005

Blondie, Public Enemy and Institute, with former Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, perform at a rally in New York to support a campaign to save CBGBs. "It's such a legacy, it's insane," Rossdale says of legendary Punk club. CBGBs landlord says the lease has expired and will not be renewed. 2005

The Raconteurs perform at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York. The quartet provides the soundtrack for the VMAs live. 2006

The Bon Jovi song "I Love This Town," from "Lost Highway," is featured in a promo for TBS' coverage of the Major League Baseball playoffs. The full two-and-a-half-minute ad is screened in cinemas and ballparks. 2007

Rob Zombie’s remake of the ’78 horror classic Halloween is in theaters. 2007

Alice In Chains embark on a month-long acoustic tour in Milwaukee. 2007

Daughtry's Las Vegas concert is streamed in its entirety on AOL Music. The show was recorded eight days earlier. 2007

Bruce Springsteen performs at Harley-Davidson's 105th Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee. The show culminates with a cover of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild." Perfect. 2008

"She Loves You" is recognized as the best-selling Beatles single of all-time in the U.K. Official Chart Company, which compiles the weekly list of the Top 40 songs in England tallied a Top-10 of the Beatles' best-selling singles. "She Loves You," released in ‘63, was the band's second #1 hit (following "From Me To You"). 2009
2010's  Disturbed release their fifth album, “Asylum.” 2010

Red Velvet Car," Heart's first album in six years (following '04's "Jupiter's Darling"), is out. The 12 song set includes a reworking of the Lovemonger’s “Sand.” 2010

Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, long time collaborators and indie Rock couple, roll out “I’m Having Fun Now.” 2010

Rhythm magazine readers name Slipknot's Joey Jordison the top drummer of the last 25 years. Over 100,000 ballots are cast. Jordison says the honor has him "at a loss for words." 2010

Canadian broadcasters reinstate Dire Straits’ ‘85 hit, "Money For Nothing." The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) pulled the song from national playlists in January, ’11, after a single listener complained about the use of the word "faggot" on Newfoundland radio station. "It made us look silly in the eyes of the broadcast community around the world," says writer/broadcaster Alan Cross. 2011

Linkin Park play a small venue benefit show in L.A. with proceeds going to Save the Children's Japan earthquake and tsunami relief effort. In addition, Linkin Park and fundraising site conduct a fan challenge - the first 500 fans to raise $500 or more receive two tickets to the concert. 2011

Survivor frontman Jimi Jamison dies at his home in Memphis at age 63. The cause of death is listed as hemorrhagic brain stroke, with "acute methamphetamine intoxication contributing."

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